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Gel vs. Liquid Eyeliner

Makeup kits will never be complete without eyeliner. But it is quite mystifying how most women still have a lot of things that they don’t know about this makeup item.

Gel vs. Liquid Eyeliner

What is the difference between gel vs. liquid eyeliner? This article aims to demystify what sets these two types of eyeliner apart from each other.

What is a Gel Eyeliner?

You might have seen gel eyeliners but what are these in the first place? Gel eyeliner is like the hybrid between liquid eyeliner and pencil eyeliner. This means that you can enjoy the perks of liquid eyeliner that you can use with no need for any expert skill level just to apply it.

Gel eyeliners often have a creamy consistency and come in a small pot that you can apply to your lids using a small, angled brush and create a winged line. This is ideal for applying a solid line or if you want to achieve a trendy smudged smokey eye appearance.

Gel liner is often easier and simpler to use if you are just getting started with using eyeliners. These products allow more imperfection and typically move better with that delicate skin around your eyes.

Building up your line is also easier using a gel liner and gives you better control of the results. You can pick the thickness of the line, the intensity of the color, and the size of the brush.

Who Should Use a Gel Eyeliner?

Gel eyeliner is perfect for people with unsteady hands and beginners. It is the most forgiving type of eyeliner since the brush allows the effortless gliding of the product. Gel eyeliners are also extremely buildable which gives you more control over the type of coverage you like.

You can go over the same line twice or thrice to achieve a much deeper black or you can just let it be more natural with only a single layer. The line doesn’t need to be perfect because it forms a soft edge.

Take note that if you are using a gel liner, you cannot draw a wing with a sharp edge because this is more ideal for smokey eyes and a more smudged look.

Tips to Apply Gel Eyeliner

It is recommended to use an eyeliner brush that is very pointy but is neither too thin nor too thick. You should also rest the inner part of your wrist on your cheek or even lower down in case you require more room. This will help your hand remain steady while drawing the line from the inner corner of your eye out. Avoid leaving any trace of skin showing between the liner and the eye.

What is a Liquid Eyeliner?

Liquid eyeliner is known for being the hardest type of eyeliner you can use but it also happens to be the most rewarding of them all once you nail the look.

As its name suggests, liquid eyeliner comes in liquid form and is often packaged in a tiny bottle with a small brush attached to its lid. You use it by dipping the brush into the liquid and hoping that you won’t mess it up because using the product calls for some serious practice on your part.

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Liquid eyeliner looks like a pen and works almost similar to a marking pen. Liquid liners have a more watery formulation compared to gel liners and are not as creamy when applied.

This particular type of liner is very precise that is perfect for achieving a very defined look and perfect line. Liquid eyeliner also creates a dramatic look and makes a real statement. But unlike gel liners, liquid liners are not that buildable, and layering the line may make your liner look a bit streaky.

Who Should Use a Liquid Eyeliner?

Only absolute pros whose hands are as steady as those of surgeons should use liquid eyeliner. The consistency of this type of eyeliner may be gorgeously rich and glossy. However, it is tricky to apply using the tiny flexible brush that comes with it.

This liner is perfect for tight-lining, or directly drawing a thin line on your eyelash line and provides a very shiny and opaque finish. If you wish to give your eyes some definition and create clean lines with no big flick, it is the product you should be using. However, make sure you budget for some time to practice it first.

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Tips to Apply Gel Eyeliner

Here are some of the top tips from the experts when it comes to using liquid eyeliner:

  • For Asians, simply follow the lovely and beautiful long shape of the eye and extend it upwards.
  • For people with close-set eyes, focus the liner’s intensity on the outer part of the eye to draw it out.
  • For people with the so-called vanishing lid, just stay near the lash line all along and a bit of pull out at the tip.
  • For people with wide-set eyes, take the eyeliner to the inner corner to the nose ridge to bring everything together.
  • For people with hooded eyes, try to go a bit daring and use a chunky liner to form a long line starting from the eye’s inner edge out. Keep this straight for you to see the eyeliner. Make sure you stay true to your lash line at the outer edge and complete the look with a lovely flick.

Are Gel Eyeliners Better Than Liquid Eyeliners?

Trying to compare gel eyeliner with liquid eyeliner is just like comparing pears and apples. If you are a beginner or you always fail when using liquid eyeliner, you will be better off using gel eyeliner.

But remember that certain makeup looks can only be achieved using liquid eyeliner which makes it worthy of conquering the learning curve.

At the end of the day, there is always an eyeliner that suits different needs and skill levels. Choose the right one for you while considering the different qualities of gel eyeliner and liquid eyeliner to ensure that you get the best results you want.