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Can I Shower with Lash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions, done and applied right, can change your eyes on a whole new level! Unfortunately, eyelash extensions and water are not really fond of each other.

Can I Shower with Lash Extensions?

Can I shower with lash extensions, then? Yes, normally, you can shower with your eyelash extensions on. However, it is important to avoid getting your eyelashes wet during the first four hours. This will allow the eyelash adhesive to cure first completely.

You also need to avoid directly aiming high water pressure at your eyelashes. Rubbing your lashes and overly steamy and hot showers are also a big no-no.

Read on below to learn more about the best practices when showering with your lash extensions.

What Happens If Your Eyelash Extensions Get Wet?

Don’t worry if your eyelash extensions get wet after 48 hours of their application. It is likely that the glue already had enough time to set in and dry completely. Swimming in your lash extensions is even possible after 48 hours.

If you splashed some water on your face by accident or got your lash extensions wet in any other way during the first 48-hour time frame, you might end up losing some lashes, or the glue that holds your eyelashes may turn stiff, making the lashes break away sooner.

This will depend on the specific situation as well as how much you got wet in the first place.

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How to Shower with Your Lash Extensions

Now that you know that you can normally shower with your lash extensions and get them wet, there are some important guidelines to follow and remember when showering with your lash extensions to retain them for a long time.

Stay Away from Steamy Hot Showers

Water temperature is critical since hot water will form humidity and steam. Once combined with high temperatures, this will be enough to waken the adhesive between your natural eyelashes and the lash extensions. The general rule of thumb here is that you should lower the water temperature immediately once you notice the bathroom steaming up.

It is recommended for the shower to be moderately warm with temperatures ranging from 99 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit that can also benefit your skin at the same time. Experts also suggest getting lukewarm showers for 10-15 minutes at most during winters to prevent dry skin.

Steam and heat are the main reasons why it is important to avoid going to humid and hot places as well. This is also the reason why tanning salons, steam baths, and saunas are off-limits for those who are wearing eyelash extensions.

Rubs and Scrubs are Not Recommended

You have to take note that showering with your eyelash extensions is different from showering without it. It is definitely not a good thing to rub, which makes scrubbing an even bigger risk if you are wearing lash extensions. You won’t be able to get rid of the dirt in the same way as you do before. You should be soft and gentle with your body instead when showering.

Remove the body brush and loofah from your bathroom because both of them can tug and snag on your lash extensions and can make the lashes fall off prematurely.

Avoid Water Pressure

There can be negative effects on the retention of your lash extensions if you let them get directly hit by the force of water as it gushes out of the shower. For this reason, you should avoid aiming the showerhead directly at your lash extensions. You also need to stay away from using high-pressure jets and showers.

The best thing you can do instead when showering is to turn around so that the water falls on the back of your head rather than on your eyes. Another good option is to use your hands to cup water for rinsing your face when showering.

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Never Use Goggles

Wearing goggles when taking a shower is among the worst pieces of advice you will ever encounter. You don’t need to wear goggles just to protect your lash extensions while showering. it is also a myth that you shouldn’t get your lashes wet because the truth is it is exactly the opposite.

In fact, it is recommended to cleanse your lashes every day to help keep your lash line healthy and clean. Wearing goggles will make it impossible for you to clean your lashes and this can lead to problems such as lash mites.

There is only one exception to this rule, though, and that is when you need to take a shower even if the adhesive’s curing period of 4 hours hasn’t been completed yet.

In cases like this, you can consider wearing goggles as long as there is enough space around your eyes for your extensions to stay protected from the water.

This is why it would be better to take a shower first before going to your eyelash appointment or once the curing period is done to prevent mishaps rather than showering with your goggles on. This waiting period is not that long, and you can make it even if you don’t shower for 4 hours.

How to Cleanse Your Lash Extensions

It is not enough to use water alone to get rid of the dirt and oil stuck between your lashes. To remove every single trace of oil from your eyelashes, including the oil from all the cleaning products that you are using, it will be better to cleanse your face and eyelashes after you are done showering or cleansing your hair and body.

If you are using a makeup brush rather than your own hands, it will be easier for you to clean your extensions. You can apply the cleanser to the brush first and lather it up on your eyes. Use the compatible lash leaner and take time in cleansing your lashes in the gentlest way possible. The truth is that hard scrubbing is not necessary just to clean your lash extensions.

Follow the tips above to enjoy wearing your lash extensions for a long time!