Polish and Pearls
Amazing Pointed Nail Design to Have and Cherish

Pointed nails or the stiletto nails are much in fashion as many of the celebrities are now having such nails. A misconception that needs to be cleared is that the stiletto nails are not just for the long nails. Even the medium or short nails can...

Flaunt Your Round Nails with These Designs

Round nails are normally short in length and are best for people who have long slender fingers. If you are not able to maintain long nails, round nails are the best options for you. They are durable and still can offer you the best look if...

Amazing Designs For The Almond Nail Shapes

Wish to know what is the latest nail trend in the town? Well, there are many to name but one of the most common one is the almond shaped nails. They are the updated version of the stiletto nail designs. What is the difference? It is only that the...

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