Amazing Designs For The Almond Nail Shapes

Wish to know what is the latest nail trend in the town? Well, there are many to name but one of the most common one is the almond shaped nails. They are the updated version of the stiletto nail designs.

What is the difference?

It is only that the pointed tip of the stiletto nails is rounded off in case of the almond design in order to offer a much softer look to the nails. Getting such a design offers a much feminine look to the nails and makes you look stunning in parties and other events.

Also, with such type of a design, you can try out loads of amazing designs and styles to make your nails stand away from the crowd.

Thinking To Get Them?

If you are thinking to get these amazing almond nails, it is important to understand a number of things first. The first important thing is to understand the difference in between the almond shaped nails and the stiletto-shaped nails.

Stiletto-shaped nails are more of pointed at the center tip that makes it more fragile. But when you are having an almond-shaped nail, you need to soften the tip by rounding it off giving the nail an almond shape. Such nails are much easier to maintain and are much wearable in nature.

Here go some of the amazing almond-shaped nail designs that you can try out.

The Glittered Ones

One of the most common ones is the glittered nails. You can apply any of the pastel colors of your choice and then can apply a hint of glitter at the bottom of the nails. It offers a really amazing look if you are trying it out with some dark shades such as purple or navy blue.

Photo Credit: Instagram @polished_nailstudio

The 3D Design

It is the time for 3D illusions everywhere. So why not your nails! You can try a 3D illusion for a floral design on your nail to get some great attention while you are in a party or anywhere else.

Photo Credit: Instagram @babylon_nailsby

The Tribal Art

As mentioned above, the almond-shaped nails can offer you the plethora of options to try out a huge number of designs and art. Try out some tribal art on your nails and you are surely going to stand out of the crowd with those amazing and unique nail arts on your fingers.

Photo Credit: Instagram @rosebnails

French Manicure

When nothing suits you, the French manicure surely does. Though it is a perfect thing for almost all types of nails, it has a special place when it is about the almond nails. They make your nails look even longer and offer you a clean yet beautiful look.

Photo Credit: Instagram @marlett8a

With The Rhinestones

You will come across a number of nail arts and designs today with the rhinestones. This can be tried upon with the almond-shaped nails too. Just apply a nail shade of lighter color and then you can add up the rhinestone on one of your fingers such as on your ring finger. You can also combine them with glitters.

Photo Credit: Instagram @lien.nails

So, it can be said that the number of nail art designs available with these amazing almond-shaped nails are just countless. Whether you are trying them at home or are visiting your stylist, you can choose from a range of options to adorn your nails and get them ready to show off your beautiful fingers.

Featured Image Source: Leah Mia

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