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Nail Design Ideas In Emerald Green

There are so many things and designs that you will find new in the nail arts. Every day you will come across a new design that will make you crave for more. Among different famous nail designs and patterns, there are also a few that are not much recognized but can actually do magic when you wear them. They make you stand alone from the crowd and also you can have something that people around you will get attracted. Having designs of emerald green color is one such option that you can select in your nail art!

Glitter In Fashion

One of the very simple things that one can do with the nail shades is to put up glitters and create a designer masterpiece. The same can be done in case of the emerald green nail designs too. On your carefully shaped nails, apply the right emerald green shade and then add up the glitter to one of the nails, most commonly, the ring fingernail. This gives you a simple yet classy look for decent parties or any other events and ceremonies that you need to attend.

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Matte Finish

If you are not much into glitters and wish to have a great look, you can also try out the matte finish of the green emerald color on your nails. Shape your nails well to give it a proper type such as stiletto or even an almond shape. Matte finishes are great for the corporate parties when you are wearing a semi-formal dress. But the limit of the matte finish is not just with the range of corporate. There are so many people who do not like the flashy or glittery look much and hence the matte look does wonder for such people.

What Will You Pick?

The choice you make will reveal your personality

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The Marble Finish

The marble finish is the new look that is trending in the case of nail designs. There are a number of ways how the marble design can be utilized for the designing of the nails. You can apply the base of emerald green and put up the marble effect on all the nails or can even keep the other nails with the simple base color and can apply the marble design just on one nail such as your ringer fingernail. You can also add up glitters on the marble design, or can also leave it as it is, depending upon your choice.

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Combination Colors

If you are not sure whether you will be able to carry the bold emerald color alone or not, you can combine the color with some other colors too such as yellow or similar. You can have a zigzag pattern with the other color or can try out some other pattern so that you can have a combination of the emerald green color along with some other color. This not only reduces down the boldness but also adds ups some more brightness and color to your nails.

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The Unreal Design

There are so many nail designs available that are simply unreal and are worth attracting good attention towards them. One such design is available with the shade of emerald green too.

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You can apply the base of emerald green on all the nails and then can make use of a thin brush and black color to draw different things such as flowers and others on the nails.
Along with these many designs, there are also so many other designs that you can have with the emerald green color. You can try out from a wide range of options such as emerald green with rhinestone, 3D dragon design, gradient designs, stamping on emerald green nails, and many more that you come across.

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