Pretty Designs For Your Nails On Your Wedding

When it is your big day of the wedding, you do not wish to leave out even a single rock unturned. Whether it is your hair or your makeup or your dress, you wish to have everything perfect and at its correct place.

Then why should you leave out your nails?

There are so many brides who may think less about their nails but this can actually increase your beauty to the next level and can actually provide you with the right look that you deserve.

Here are some of the amazing wedding nail designs that you can have a look at to try for your special day.

Ombre With Silver Accent

Ombre Nails offers always an enchanting feel, whatever shades you try out. If it is your wedding, you can combine the contrasting colors of your dress to get the right Ombre look.

But if you think that the colors are too bold, you can take up a safe side by experimenting with the pink and white shades.

Pretty Designs For Your Nails On Your Wedding - Ombre With Silver Accent
Source: @ombre_nails_studio

These nude colors can provide you a perfect nail look and can look even stunning with the glitters on them. Now, whatever dress you are wearing, the nails surely suits you and makes you look complete.

New Color Trend – Baby Blue

There are so many people who limit their wedding accessories and dresses just to the traditional ones.

Why so, when you can actually experiment with so many other options?

One of the best options that you can have is that of the baby blue color if you wish to try something different. You don’t need any particular nail shape to apply this color.

Whether you have a short nail or a perfectly shaped one, you can apply the baby blue color for your special day. Also, you can decorate the nails with glitters or stones upon the shade.

Pretty Designs For Your Nails On Your Wedding - New Color Trend - Baby Blue
Source: @victoriaoliviaxo

Black and Gold Effect

The gold effect makes everything look so much rich and elegant. This is the reason; the gold lace design is one of the options that you can have for your wedding day.

You can apply a nude gold color base on all your nails and apply a black flower pattern on top of the gold base.

Pretty Designs For Your Nails On Your Wedding - Black and Gold Effect
Source: @victoriaoliviaxo

This offers an amazing look to the nails and makes you complete for the special day that you have been waiting for days.

White Pearl Will Be Perfect

If you are not willing to try out with the gold lace effect, you can also try out another option and that is the pearl effect.

You can apply a white base on all the nails or can even have an ombre effect on the nails with white and other light shades such as pink, sky blue, or others.

Now, you can add glitters or a pearly shine on the tip of the nails and can stick pearls and stones on the base of one of the nails such as the ring finger.

Pretty Designs For Your Nails On Your Wedding - White Pearl Will Be Perfect
Source: @nailgossipbykara

Silvery Look To Touch Everyone

After the gold effect and the pearl effect, you can also try out the silvery effect for your wedding day look. This is also equally simple and attractive as the other two.

Apply the pink color as the base for the nails and now add up the silver glitter on top of all nails.

Pretty Designs For Your Nails On Your Wedding - Silvery Look To Touch Everyone
Source: @newlypolished


Wish to have some more looks for your wedding day? Some other options that you can have for your special day are silver roses, silvery flowers, jewels on nails, geometric pattern, and many others. The more you explore, the more you will get.

Featured Image Source: Instagram @gelnails_byhannah

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