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Long Nail Designs To Inspire You

Long nails are always attractive, whether it is in the shape of an almond or a stiletto. They might be a bit of difficult to handle but if you can take care of them a bit, they can last long and can make you flaunt your nails to others. There are so many different styles and designs that you can try out to beautify your nails. Here are some of the nail designs that you can have for the long nails that you can surely try out and stun out in parties or even in regular days.

The Black and Gold Effect

Black and gold colors together make a deadly combination. If the area is good enough, it can bring out the beauty in a great way. Hence, if you have long nails, shaped properly, you can surely try out this combination. Apply the base color of black first on the nails and then decorate the nails with different gold impressions such as stamped pattern or gold crystals or glitters, and many others. If you have a plan to attend parties such as that of a wedding or some other such event, this can be one such perfect nail design that you can surely try out to get the look completed.

Long Nail Designs To Inspire You - Black and Gold Effect
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Galaxy Design

As the name says, this nail design actually denotes the darkness of the galaxy. You can try out dark shades among which the dark blue color offers the exact impression of a galaxy. You can add up a rose in between to offer an amazing effect that is worth the trial. If not the ink blue, you can also try out this with some other colors, depending upon the dress that you are wearing for the event.

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Long Nail Designs To Inspire You - Galaxy Design
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The Black Combo

When you have long nails, the black shade is a must that you should try out at least one. The black color makes your nails look extremely beautiful and bold. In place of applying just the normal nail paint, you can try out different options in order to make it interesting. One of the ways is to try out a combo to get an interesting factor. You can apply a matte black color on the nails apart from one finger that could be the ring finger. You can fill up this blank nail with a glossy or sparking nail shade. The contrast makes the nails look quite attractive.

Long Nail Designs To Inspire You - Black Combo
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Glossy Nails With Glitters

An amazing style that you can surely try is the glossy nails. Though there are a number of people today who prefer the matte finish, there are also some other people who still love the glossy look. The nails can be attained by applying nude nail paint such as pink of grey with a glossy tone. Now, the edge or the tip of the nails can be decorated with shimmers or glitters. This offers a simple to do design and also a style that is worth trying for a normal gettogether or even for a party.

Long Nail Designs To Inspire You - Glossy Nails With Glitters
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Ombre Look

Obmre look is something that suits every nail style but it suits the most the long nails, especially the almond shaped. You can try a range of colors for the ombre effect so that you can experiment with various shades. Either you can leave the ombre look as it is or you can also decorate it even more with shimmers or even rhinestones.
There is an endless number of designs and styles for long nails. You can try out a few from the above-mentioned options or can also try out some other options such as funky swirls, French manicure, geometric design, metallic stripes, two-tone colors, holographic design, classic red, and many others

Long Nail Designs To Inspire You - Ombre Look
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Long Nail Designs To Inspire You - Ombre Look
Photo Credit: Instagram @nailfuel

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