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Stay In Fashion With These Hot Designs For Ballerina Nails

Keeping long nails can be a difficult task, especially when you do such things such as typing on a regular basis or so on. But if you are shaping your nails regularly and keeping it in proper condition, you can surely succeed in having the nail type that you wishes to have.

Ballerina Nails

One of such nail type that you will always be happy to have is the ballerina. They suit the long narrow fingers and are great for a number of designs and patterns of nail art. Here are some of the amazing options that you can have if you have this type of nails.

Nude Pinks Are Always Sweet

If you wish to stay safe, this can be one of the colors that you can surely make use of. You can have a range of designing options when you are making use of the pink shade. You can combine 2-3 shades of pink to get that Ombre look. Also, you can get a glossy touch of the pink shade and add up glitters and stones on it to offer it the exact look that you wanted to have. Just make sure that you do not work much with your nails much if you do not wish the designs to get damaged soon.

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Can Be More Feminine With Lilac

After the pinks, the lilacs are the exact feminine color that you can have. Whether you are going out for a party or an event or even for a corporate event, you can surely have this color on your nails after pink. Similar to pink, lilac also offers you to have a number of design options such as stamping, glitters, rhinestones, and many others. You can select the right designing type and you can surely have the exact nail pattern that you wanted to have.

What Will You Pick?

The choice you make will reveal your personality

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Whites Can Be an Alternative

If you are not sure about the colors such as pinks and lilacs, you should not hesitate much to experiment with the color white. When you have the white color as your base, you can try out a number of things such as drawing on them with the help of a thin brush, spray colors, stamping, gold or silver strips, geometric patterns, and many others. Just let your imagination float and you will be able to gather a huge number of ideas that can help you in getting some of the best designs with the white color as the base for your nails.

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Darker Shades Are Always Safe

If you have long nails and you have maintained it well such as in the shape of ballerina, you can always make use of the darker shades such as burgundy, blue, and others to adorn your nails. When you are trying out the darker shades, you can experiment in a number of ways such as you can apply the matte shade or can even make use of the glossy shades. If you wish to add some interesting factors to the nails, you can add up glitters or rhinestones to the nails.

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As Nudes as Possible

Apart from the various common colors, today nudes are the most common ones that one can use for the long nails. Whether you wish to add up glitters or rhinestones or even if you wish to add up some other accessories, you can try out the nudes as the base color and you will be amazed to check the effect that is coming up with it. Long nails such as the ballerina shade are great when they are maintained properly. It is not just about taking care of them; it is also about decorating them well. There can be a number of designs and patterns that one can have in order to make these beautiful nails even more beautiful.

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