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Unique Rainbow Nails Ideas With Flawless Designs

Rainbow spreads happiness and lots of positive vibes. A rainbow after a heavy rain indicates a peace in the weather. May be it is based on the same concept that when we see a rainbow or a rainbow design anywhere, it happens to sooth the eyes.

Based on such a concept, having a rainbow design nail art is also a great idea. Here are some of such rainbow designs arts that you can try for your stylish look.

Polka Dots

The polka dots are again in fashion for clothes and now it is also a trend in nail designs. Basically, the polka dots black or white but you can try out colorful dots on your nails. Keep the white color as the base of the nails and now start adding polka dots on the nails with diverse colors, basically those in the rainbow. Make sure that you have left proper space in between two dots so that they do not look congested. After you are done with the dots, you can put up a top coat on the nails to protect the color and also to provide a glossy effect to the nails.

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The Ombre Effect

The ombre effect already offers a rainbow effect when the colors are used in the right way. If you are using orange and yellow colors for the ombre effect, it automatically offers a rainbow feel to the viewers. You can try out creating the ombre effect in a number of ways such as from tip to the bottom, side by side or even diagonally. Though normally the ombre look is provided with two colors, here you can try many colors such as 4-5 colors in a contrasting way to get the exact rainbow effect.

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Rainbow on White

It is said that the seven colors looks the best on the white base. This can be tried upon here by keeping the base of the nails white and then adding up a splash of colors from two sides of the nail at the tip of the nail. Keeping the bottom free from colors offers a distinct look where it seems as if the white nail is being smashed by colors.

Photo Credit: Instagram @daniartnails

The Little Hearts

If you wish to have some cure designs discovered, you can try this out. On the base of white color, you can draw little hearts of different colors. Try to crowd them at the tip and keep them lesser at the bottom. It does not make the whole design look congested. Apply the top coat carefully and the design is ready for a cure look. You can get this look for some events or celebration, depending upon the dress that you are wearing.

Source: rebeccalikesnails.com

Candy Nails

When it is about the rainbow design, anything can be tried upon. Another option that you can have on the white base is that of the candy nails. On the base of white color, you can draw a candy resembling figure with different colors. This looks quite colorful and happy.

Photo Credit: Instagram @nailsbyandy.devine

Dots on Black

After having the rainbow dots on white, you can also try out the same on the black base. Have a black base on your nails and you can add up polka dots of different colors on them. You can crowd the dots horizontally at the center to offer a kind of effect to the nail.

Source: MusicaXfavor

When it is about the rainbow effect, there can be a number of options available. Ombre, stamping, geometric design, pastel dotting and many others are also there available apart from the designs that are provided in the above-mentioned options. Just try out the right design and with practice, you will be able to excel in it.

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