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Difference Between Good vs. Bad Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are not necessarily a new trend. But it wasn’t too long ago when these have become more available and prevalent than they have ever been in the past. Unfortunately, not all eyelash extensions are made equal. Learning the difference between good vs. bad eyelash extensions can save you from the trouble of ending up with not-so-perfect lashes.

Difference Between Good vs. Bad Eyelash Extensions

Continue reading belong to determine what’s good and what’s not in the world of lash extensions:

What are Eyelash Extensions Anyway?

Eyelash extensions can be made from synthetic materials, mink, or silk fibers that mimic natural eyelash hairs. Every extension is individually attached at a time to the base of your natural eyelash hair using semi-permanent adhesive. A range of 60 to 140 individual eyelashes will be fixed to each eye depending on the specific look you wish to achieve.

What Makes Eyelash Extensions Good?

Below are some of the key qualities that only good eyelash extensions have:

Great Curl

Good lash extensions have the best curls. You have to consider eyelash curls like the J curl that have the least quantity although it might not be as popular. Another option you have is the B curl that is often used in the inner eye while the C curl achieves the most prominent curvature. You can also opt for the D curve if drama is what you are looking for. Finally, there is the L curve that creates hooded eyes.

Ideal Diameter

The best eyelash extensions have a diameter that is similar to that of your natural eyelashes. This is very important because failure to do so will make your lashes look unnatural which will be contrary to the main reason why you are using them in the first place.

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Variety of Available Colors

Colored eyelash trays are the perfect choice for those who want their lash extensions to have some burst of colors. Blue, purple, and pink are some of the most popular colors for lash extensions and are an interesting alternative to your natural eyelashes.

Perfect Length

You also need to consider the length that you want for your eyelashes. Good eyelash extensions come in a fuller set with a length that is similar to your natural ones. You can choose the longer ones if you prefer something airy.

Reasonable Price

Finally, the best eyelash extensions come at a reasonable price, something that is particularly important if you already have a set budget allotted for it. You need to identify first how much you are willing to spend for the procedure and how much you are ready to spend on the necessary products. From there, you can then choose the most acceptable option that falls within your budget.

What Makes Eyelash Extensions Bad?

Now that you know what makes eyelash extensions good, there are several signs you have to watch out for that will indicate that you got a bad lash job.

Application “Burns” the Eyes

It is perfectly normal to have minimal eye-watering during the application of your extensions, and this is something that happens more easily to some clients than others.

What is not considered normal, though, is when fumes “burn” your eyes both during and after the procedure or when you feel some discomfort.

Having lash extensions must be a relaxing and pleasant experience wherein the lash adhesive used makes you feel comfortable without burning your eyes.

Inner Corners are Unnatural and Long

You will notice that the inner corner of your natural eyelashes is shorter compared to the rest. Your eyelash extensions should reflect exactly just that. When your inner corner eyelashes are long, this can make your lash look unnatural. This can make you feel uncomfortable, or you might also end up losing the corner eyelashes much faster.

Eyelashes Have the Same Length

Everyone has different eyelashes and for this reason, lash extensions must appear as a natural enhancement of your natural lash. This should be one of the first things that a lash expert should consider.

Lash professionals must use a variety of eyelash extension lengths to prevent the dreaded strip lash look. They also need to ensure that your eyelash extensions look like something you will want to stay on your eyes for several weeks. Lash extensions of the same length are often an indication that the lash technician didn’t think about this.

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It’s Hard Brush Your Lashes

If it causes snagging or discomfort every time you comb through your eyelash extensions, it is often an indication that excessive glue was used during the process, causing the lashes to get stuck together. It may result in breakages and damage to the natural eyelashes. It is supposed to be easy to use a lash wand to brush your lashes and there must be something that you can do without any issues daily.

The Extensions Don’t Even Last for a Week

If your eyelash extensions look extremely sad after just one week, this probably indicates that you didn’t have enough applied from the get-go. You will lose eyelashes due to natural shedding and if not enough was applied to start with, it can make your eyelash extensions look unnatural and sparse.

What You Have are Not Really Eyelash Extensions

With all the confusion as beauty therapists and the industry as a whole refer to everything and anything applied to eyelashes as eyelash extensions, it is no longer a surprise that there are things that are not always what they seem.

Flare or cluster lashes are designed to be temporary and must not be applied using permanent lash glue. These are too heavy and may put a strain on your natural lashes that may result in infection and breakage.

They also appear notably less natural compared to actual eyelash extensions. The terrible photos you may have seen of bad lash extensions are possibly flares or clusters applied incorrectly.

Your Eyelash Extensions Cause Eye Irritation

Eyelash extensions that are applied improperly will turn, spin, and twist that not just look unnatural but can also feel uncomfortable at the same time.

Be sure to always go for good eyelash extensions to get the best results!