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How to Clean Glamnetic Lashes

There is always something fun and fabulous about false eyelashes like Glamnetic Lashes. They work like magic and transform you into a rockstar ready to take the center stage.

How to Clean Glamnetic Lashes

However, using these products also requires some responsibility. Just like any other beauty product, falsies should be treated exactly how they deserve. Keeping your false eyelashes is an easy but crucial step to keep both your lashes and eyes healthy and free from irritation.

This article details the steps you can follow on how to clean Glamnetic Lashes so you can flaunt them for a long time!

What is Glamnetic?

Glamnetic is an eyelash brand made not only for women but also for men. This saves users from the mess and trouble associated with the application and the wearing of false eyelashes. The brand has now brand out to other beauty accessories including beauty tools and fake nails.

With a multimillion-dollar net worth, it is not a surprise that Glamnetic has been getting a lot of attention with almost 50,000 Facebook followers and 263,000 on Instagram. Publications such as Forbes also highlighted the brand’s CEO, Ann McFerran, due to her problem-solving and opportunistic approach to beauty items.

McFerran is an entrepreneur and artist based in Los Angeles who felt self-conscious while growing up because her eyelashes were thin. Just like her, many people also had a hard time with the lash application process, the tricky to use glue, and the hassle of lash removal. Being a frequent user herself, McFerran realized the need for a less messy and more efficient adhesive than the usual sticky glue.

McFerran noted the market gap and decided to give it a try. It was worth the try, proven with the continuous rise in the net worth of Glamnetic since its launch in 2019. Today, Glamnetic Lashes has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

Importance of Cleaning Glamnetic Lashes

You spent a lot of effort and time choosing the best lashes for you before you finally decide to buy and use them. Knowing how to clean your Glamnetic Lashes is extremely crucial to maintain their pristine and polished appearance.

It is not a secret how busy life can get that you often forget to do some things. However, if you continue to forget about the practice of proper eyelash care, irritation, or worse, even infection may occur.

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Cleaning Your Glamnetic Lashes

After wearing your Glamnetic Lashes for a full day, see to it that you take them off, no matter how tired you feel when you get back home from work late at night.

Here are the simple steps you need to follow to make sure that your lashes will look as perfect as they were on the first time you got them.

  1. Start by cleaning your hands first using water and soap. Prepare the items you need including tweezers, micellar water or makeup remover, and clean pads or cloth.
  2. Be gentle when pulling away the lash from its magnetic liner. Begin at the outer tip of the lash then gently and slowly pull toward the inner corner until you remove the entire lash band. This process must not cause any pain, nor should it remove any of your natural eyelashes.
  3. Check and inspect the small magnets on the eyelash band. You must clean these gently and properly using micellar water or makeup remover. You can apply just a small amount of the cleanser to a clean piece of cotton candy cloth or q-tip. Rub it at the magnets gently until all the leftover residues of the magnetic eyeliner have been removed. Make sure that you avoid using oil-based removers for this step.
  4. Put your Glamnetic Lashes in their storage case to ensure that they will stay in shape until you need to wear them again. It is important to keep them in a dry and cool place.

After you finished cleaning your Glamnetic lashes, you must clean your eyelids and natural lashes and ensure that you remove all your makeup.

Using your micellar water or makeup remover, use a pad or cotton candy cloth and swipe it gently across your eye to get rid of any remnant of eye makeup and magnetic liner. Continue wiping your eyes gently until you remove all traces of makeup.

Follow this up with your usual skincare products and facial cleansing routine.

How to Clean Your Glue-On False Eyelashes

No matter what type of eyelashes you choose, it is important to disinfect them properly after every use. Below are the steps you can follow to maintain your beautiful new eyelashes.

  1. Before you start, don’t forget to cleanse your hands first with water and soap. Doing this is important to ensure that you don’t spread or transfer any germs to your eyes.
  2. Use a pair of tweezers to carefully remove your lashes. Start at the outer edge then pull to the inner corner. This step must not be painful or make your natural eyelashes fall off.
  3. Get the tweezers again to gently remove any eyeliner or loosened glue from the lash band.
  4. Dampen a q-tip, cotton cloth, or pad in micellar water or makeup remover and rub it gently to the lash band. Continue doing it in a gentle motion moving back and forth until the band is completely free of glue. Again, avoid the use of an oil-based cleanser since it can loosen the lashes. Stay away from cleansers that contain harsh chemicals that can damage your delicate lashes. The actual lash shouldn’t get wet when cleaning to prevent damaging the shape and curl.
  5. Let the lashes dry off completely before you put them back in their dedicated case. Through proper storage, you can be sure that your eyelashes will retain their fabulous shape and curl. Store it in a dry, dark, and cool place until you need to wear them again.

These are the important steps you need to follow on how to clean Glamnetic Lashes to ensure that you can enjoy wearing your eyelashes for the longest time possible!