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How to Train Eyebrows to Grow in The Right Direction

Learning how to train eyebrows to grow in the right direction is easy but it requires some dedication and time on your part. The trick here is to remember that you don’t need to beat your eyebrows into submission just so you can achieve the best shape you have always wanted.

How to Train Eyebrows to Grow in The Right Direction

Read below for some helpful tips for training your eyebrows to get them growing in the direction where you want them to go.

1. Know What You’re Dealing With

Before you go all out in training your brows, the first thing you need to do is to get your hands off them. This may sound counterintuitive, but that’s exactly the most important step in training your brows.

To do this, you need to leave your eyebrows alone for around 4 to 6 weeks. Scary, yes, but this is how long it takes for eyebrows to have their full growth cycle.

While you might have the best intentions for plucking your brows, there’s a big chance that you are only maintaining the same shape you want to change in the first place.

This means that if you hate how your brows look, you are probably the one to blame for it. Resisting the temptation to pluck is also the best way for you to see the fullness you will have if there are some patches on your brows.

You might also want to add a lash growth serum to your regiment. Use the product two times a day within the 6-week waiting period to get a good head start. After this, you can just use it once a day.

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The initial grow-out period is the most challenging for those who have the habit of tweezing a hair or two a day. However, this is a must.

Once you remove all unwanted hair simultaneously, this will train your eyebrows to grow in the right direction. As a result, it will be easier for you to maintain your brows, letting them naturally hold your preferred shape for a longer time.

There is no such thing as instant gratification here, but you can expect to reap great rewards in the end.

2. Set Goals for Your Brows

Trends may come and go but there is an ideal share where your eyebrows should start, arch, and end, which is based on the shape of your face. This eyebrow shape forms a frame above your eyes that highlights your cheekbones and brightens up your face.

Sadly, these might or might not be the exact brows you had since birth. To know the best shape for you, you just need a straight edge such as a pencil. Hold the pencil vertically against your nose bridge to your brow bone to determine your ideal shape. This marks the start of your brows. You can use eyeliner or something similar to mark if you are just a beginner.

Tweezing away the wispy hairs at the front will make your eyebrows look too distant but getting rid of the hairs below can open your eyes for a livelier look.

To identify the point of the arch, place the same straight edge diagonally from your nose bridge to your brow across your pupil. This will land at about 2/3 of your brow’s length.

One of the gravest mistakes many women commit is that they make the arch too close to the nose bridge. Unfortunately, this is something you should always avoid because centered arches will make you look surprised and even worried.

The worse thing that can happen is that the rounded shape can aggravate those ugly bags under your eyes. The last thing you want is to look puffy and hungover all the time.

To determine the right endpoint, you should hold the straight edge against your nose bridge to the eye’s outer corner. Hairs growing past this will create a droopy appearance.

3. Stick with a Tweeze

Tweezing away is always the best method of hair removal to get that artistic brow precision that you want and deserve. If you are worried that you will mess things up on your own, you can hire a specialist who will take the sweet time to do it one hair after the other.

This means that you might have to say goodbye to your waxer in the meantime. Although threading or waxing may seem more efficient, these harsher methods will soon break down your skin’s elasticity. These can even lead to new eyebrow issues such as thinning the hairs you want or forming an odd geometry for your eyebrows that may be tricky to recover from.

The best thing to do here is to take it easy with the tweezers. Find a spot with enough natural light. Take a step back to see your brows’ shape from a normal angle. Just pause if you mess. Avoid balancing out your brows because you will only make the situation worse.

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4. Carry On with Your Routine

Just like achieving that much-coveted clear skin, remember that training your brows is not a one-time deal. Proper maintenance is a must here. After shaping, you need to follow through with the schedule to wait for 4 to 6 weeks before you tweeze away depending on your brows’ growth cycle.

Sooner or later, you will notice that those stragglers will begin falling in line, no longer growing where you don’t want them to. This lets you maintain the shape you want with minimal effort.

When it comes to eyebrow maintenance, restraint is your best friend. If you don’t want to overdo it at home, you can set a timer for 5 minutes and stop tweezing away once the buzzer sounds. This will prevent you from going too far than necessary.

If sparseness continues, some brow powder is the best fix you can try. Putting color on the skin in between the hairs will create the illusion of fuller eyebrows that look natural.

Keep up with this routine on how to train eyebrows to grow in the right direction to achieve the brows of your dreams!