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Are Hooded Eyes Attractive?

Some people have hooded eyelids or a tiny flap of excess skin below the eyebrows that forms a swollen appearance. Hooded eyelids are often recognized as visible genetic facial features.

Are Hooded Eyes Attractive?

But people cannot help but ask: are hooded eyes attractive?

Generally speaking, hooded eyes are considered attractive. While there are people who think otherwise, hooded eyes also have their own unique attractiveness. Just like how every feature has its own good and bad sides, hooded eyes also have their own strengths and weaknesses. They also look beautiful on some women and men.

What are Hooded Eyes?

As stated earlier, hooded eyes pertain to the extra skin folding down from under the brow bone and can sometimes even reach up to the eyelash line.

It is a completely common and normal hereditary trait to have hooded eyes. it is also possible to only have one hooded eye. Generally, however, both eyes will have hooded eyelids.

There are also times when hooded eyes happen as a person ages. Aging eyelids may alter the shape and appearance of your eyes. For instance, they may start to look droopy.

Special eye makeup for hooded eyes may help maximize the lid space. You can also find tons of tricks and tips from makeup artists who can reduce the hooded appearance of your hooded eyes.

Hooded eye makeup is not really simple to apply. This can include mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and more. However, these products can make the eyes appear bigger and create the illusion that you don’t have any extra skin.

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Is It Attractive to Have Hooded Eyes?

Yes, hooded eyes can be very attractive. In fact, a lot of people love this eye shape with hooded eyes being some of the most common eye shapes. The only downside is that hooded eyes may not go well with every type of eye makeup.

This means that if there is an Instagram trend you want to follow but your eyes don’t seem to match what is shown, this can be because of differences in the eye shapes.

Common Causes of Hooded Eyes?

There is more to hooded eyes than what most people think of just having excess skin below the eyebrows.

Here are some of the most common causes behind hooded eyes:

Improper and Age-Related Skincare Habits

Eyes can get hooded as a result of increasing age. Aside from this, the excessive use of highly chemical-based makeup products can also cause the eyelid skin to be saggy and as a result, they can become hooded.

Excess Skin

Excess skin is probably the most common reason that makes eyes look hooded. Some people have more eyelid skin extending upwards which can also lead to the formation of hooded eyes.

Low Eyebrows

Hooded eyes are also natural features in people with notably lower eyebrows. The eyes may seem hooded or saggy because of the excess skin located just on the eyebrow bones.

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What are the Benefits of Hooded Eyes?

Your hooded eyes can save you from the eyeshadow complexities of merging and blending. The eyelids and eyebrow bone have relatively less space between them. It may also take less time to apply eyeshadow and eye makeup can be done with no need for blending.

People who have hooded eyes also need to apply only a smaller amount of makeup compared to people who have normal eyes. This can reduce the exposure and the skin’s contact with chemical-based makeup products.

People who have hooded eyes also find it easier to achieve a subtle and voluminous smokey eye appearance. It is because more space is covered up by the lid, giving the eyes a heavier look.

What are the Drawbacks of Hooded Eyes?

Even the smallest amount of eye makeup may seem as if the person who has hooded eyes has put more makeup than necessary because of the smaller space between the eyelids and the bone.

Not all eyeliner looks may also be achieved for people who have hooded eyes due to the less lid space. Finally, hooded-eyed people cannot apply shimmer and other forms of glittery eyeshadows since these can only make the eyes look smaller than they really are.

Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

Now that you know what makes hooded eyes attractive, here are a few tips to help you achieve the perfect makeup look:

  • Highlight your brow bone all the time as this will help lift your hood. Just make sure that you can keep it near the end of your eyebrow line. You should also avoid using your highlighter excessively and cover a large area.
  • Always make it a point to use your eye primer. Don’t forget that this is among the most important eye makeup products you need. This will avoid smudging your eye makeup and provide a clean canvas to let you create a crease and a whole new look.
  • Make it a habit to use concealer.
  • Apply a transitional shade on top of the crease as this can help create the missing crease.
  • Never use a downward direction when applying your eyeshadow. Instead, an upward direction must always be followed.
  • Avoid rushing every time you apply your eyeliner. A pencil eyeliner will be a better choice than its liquid counterpart if you are not a pro in makeup application.
  • Avoid using extremely heavy false lashes as this will only make your eyes look heavier. Be sure to trim both edges of your falsies.
  • Your eyebrows should always be arched without dragging their ends very low.
  • It is definitely a must to use mascara because this will help you brighten and widen your eyes, making them look brighter and less hooded.
  • Consider mattes as your new best friend.
  • If your lash line is lower, darker eye shadows should be applied in the outer edge while lighter shades should be used in the inner corner.
  • You can also try using eyelid tape for your hooded eyes.

All shapes are beautiful and unique in their own way, and hooded eyes are definitely not an exception. So, yes, hooded eyes are attractive so don’t be afraid to flaunt them!