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How to Fix Bald Spots in Eyelashes

Your eyelashes are like the curtains to your eyes. They can make the windows to your soul look more beautiful and alluring. But what if the curtains are tattered? Learning how to fix bald spots in eyelashes can do wonders to ensure that your eyes will continue to be covered in gorgeous curtains.

How to Fix Bald Spots in Eyelashes

Read on below to know more about these bald spots in eyelashes, what causes them in the first place, and how to address the issue properly.

What Causes Bald Spots in Eyelashes?

Every person deals with hair loss in one form or another at a certain point in his or her life. All people lose a maximum of 100 strands per day.

Eyelashes also fall out because of medical conditions as well as other factors, which include the following.

Alopecia Areata

The autoimmune condition alopecia areata can make your body’s immune system attack your hair follicles. This can lead to loss of hair on the scalp, eyebrows, and even your eyelashes.


Flames from cigarettes, grills, stovetops, and bonfires, as well as heated eyelash curlers, can all singe your eyelashes.


There are certain medications used for cancer treatment that can lead to temporary hair loss on the face, body, and scalp.


Leaving eye makeup or mascara on for a long time, or reactions to certain eye cosmetics can also result in temporary eyelash loss.

Eyelid Disorders

Several conditions such as eyelid infections, dermatitis, and blepharitis can impact the eyelash follicles and result in eyelash loss.

Eyelash Extensions

Long and fluttery eyelashes are now a hot fashion trend, with more and more people turning to extensions to boost the length of their natural lashes. These extensions are glued to the natural eyelash line. Unfortunately, these may end up ripping out or even damaging your natural hair underneath. There are also people who suffer from an allergic reaction to formaldehyde, which is an ingredient found in some adhesives used for keeping the lash extensions right in place.

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There are people who are diagnosed with a psychological condition called trichotillomania. This is characterized by an impulse of pulling out hair from different parts of the body, and it usually includes eyelashes.

Thyroid Conditions

Thyroid abnormalities that cause hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) or hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) can result in hair loss, not just on your head but also on your face.

Will Eyelashes Grow Back When Plucked?

Will your eyelashes regrow after plucking them?

Don’t worry because the short and simple answer is yes, lashes grow back.

This means that those bald spots won’t remain bald for good. But you have to remember that it may take some time before those new lashes grow back out.

If shed or pulled out, it typically takes approximately 7 to 8 weeks for eyelashes to regrow. Made of 90% proteins and 10% water, lashes are hairs with slow growth, growing at a slow rate of around 0.12 to 0.14mm per day, unlike the hair on your scalp that grows up to 0.35mm a day.

Now, this may sound like an extremely long time to bear with those bald spots in your lashes, but this is also the best time for you to avoid using falsies while waiting.

Once again, don’t be discouraged because there are still lots of ways for you to boost the process of eyelash growth so you can achieve those envious longer lashes in no time!

Top Remedies for Bald Spots in Eyelashes

Long, dark, and fluttering lashes have long been considered the most coveted hallmarks of beauty. Don’t worry if you aren’t born with gorgeous eyelashes or yours fell off because of the reasons above. Here are some products you can use to enhance the appearance of your pale and thin lashes.


Aloe vera is an amazing tonic that can freshen up your eyes and help you achieve dark and lush eyelashes. This is rich in minerals and vitamins that encourage better health and promote new cell growth. To make things better, aloe is also great for red patches and rough skin.

Green Tea Bath

A pampering green tea bath is another way to get those darker and longer lashes you have always dreamed of. All you need is to prepare a cup of sugarless green tea and let it cool first. Dip a cotton ball in it then swipe the warm liquid across your lashes. All those helpful antioxidants found in green tea can help you maintain healthier lashes, while the flavonoids and caffeine stimulate new lash growth.

Eyelash Boosters

Your eyelashes can benefit from a long list of natural ingredients. Many of them are already found in your home. You simply need to try one or even all of these organic lash boosters.

Eyelash Serums

The market is now filled with various types of eyelash serum. The formulas of these serums are meant to work with the eyelash growth cycle to help you boost and maintain your lashes. Be sure to pick an eyelash serum that contains the ingredient squalene which can help thicken eyelashes.


Oils including vitamin E oil, olive oil, castor oil, as well as petroleum jelly all have positive effects on your lashes. You just need to dip a disposable mascara wand in your preferred oil then use it to coat your lashes starting from the base to the tip. Try to leave this on overnight. Just make sure that you don’t rub any oil into your eyes. These oils can give moisture to your hair follicle and promote healthier growth.

More Ways to Fix Bald Spots in Eyelashes

Regular application of serums and natural ingredients is only the first step to obtaining the eyelashes of your dreams. Remember that great eyelashes need extra attention. Other things you can do to fix those bald spots in your eyelashes include massage, cleaning your eyelashes, eating a healthy diet, and using cold or hot packs.

Follow these tips and enjoy flaunting your longer, darker, and thicker eyelashes to the rest of the world!