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Are Deep Set Eyes Attractive?

Deep set eyes are often associated with people who are intelligent, but this is not always true. Some people with deep set eyes are very attractive. Others with deep set eyes are not so attractive. What you should know about having deep set eyes is that they are not necessarily considered unattractive.

Are Deep Set Eyes Attractive?

What Are Deep Set Eyes?

Deep set eyes are a genetic condition where the eyelids are abnormally thick and heavy. The condition usually occurs when the child is born, and is caused by a defect in the development of the eye muscles. The condition may be hereditary, but it is also common for children to develop deep set eyes after suffering from a head injury.

Reasons Why People Might Have Deep Set Eyes


If you have a family history of having deep set eyes then it is likely that your genes may play a role in determining whether or not you have them.

Birth defects

Birth defects such as microphthalmia and anophthalmia can cause your eyeballs to grow abnormally large which results in their being pushed down towards the nose. This causes the eyelids to close over the eyes making them look deeper than normal. Injuries during infancy can result in similar problems.


Deep set eyes tend to run in families so if one parent has them while another does not then there is a good chance that the child could inherit these features from his/her parent


Eyelid surgery such as a blepharoplasty can make your eyes look bigger by lifting them away from your face. This is done for cosmetic reasons but it does not change how big your eyes actually are.

Famous Celebrities with Deep Set Eyes

Some celebrities have been known to use makeup techniques to enhance their appearance including using eye liner on their upper lids to create more space between their eyebrows and their lower lashes. They also might apply mascara to accentuate their eyes further.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz’s eyes appear to be slightly larger than average because she uses heavy black eyeliner around her eyes. She also wears dark colored contact lenses. Her eyes are said to be “deep set” due to the fact that they seem to protrude outwards.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift uses dark brown eye shadow around her eyes to give herself a smoky effect She also wears black mascara to emphasize her eyes even more.

Are Deep Set Eyes Considered Attractive?

It is very subjective to attractiveness, so there is no clear answer to the question, “Are Deep Set Eyes Considered Attractive?” Deep set eyes may be considered attractive by some people, while others find them unattractive and can vary between males and females.

If A Man Have Deep Set Eyes

Most people consider deep set eyes on a male to be an attractive feature. They can give a man the appearance of power and command respect, as they can also be called “hunter eyes“. These eyes are set back deeper into your skull, and are the exact opposite of prey eyes which are usually protruding out from the skull.

“Prey Eyes” are generally not attractive on men. There are other facial features, such as the orbital structure, which can impact whether deep set eye on a man would make you appear more attractive. Greater structure, found in younger men, tends to be more attractive than loss of structural integrity as the bones erode over time.

If A Woman Have Deep Set Eyes

While deep set eyes may not indicate attractiveness, they do not necessarily mean that women with deep set eye are unattractive. Deep set eyes can cause individuals have more bags under their eye or wrinkles around their eyes. When you find the right makeup, skin care products, and other cosmetics, you can make your eyes work for you.

Are Deep Set Eyes Masculine?

If man have deep set eyes, it make them appear more masculine. If woman have deep set eyes, they will be seen as more feminine. However, some women find men with deep set eyes extremely sexy. It all depends on what kind of man he is!

How To Make Your Eye Shape More Feminine

You might think that just because you have deep set eyes doesn’t mean you cannot alter them. You can still get rid of any wrinkles around your eyes using creams and lotions designed specifically for this purpose. The same goes for other areas of your body where you would like to improve your looks. For example, if you have a double chin then you can use products containing collagen to help reduce its size.

The best way to determine what shape your eyes really are is to take photographs of yourself at different angles. Then compare the images side-by-side to see which ones show you looking better. Once you find out what kind of shape you naturally have then you can decide whether you want to try altering it through plastic surgery.

How Do I Know if My Eyes Are Deep Set?

To check if your eyes are deep set all you need to do is stand up straight and look into a mirror. Hold both hands above your head and move them back and forth until you notice that when your left hand moves forward your right follows behind it.

When you stop moving your hands then hold them directly above your forehead. Look into the mirror again and note whether or not your eyes appear lower than usual. If they do then you probably have deep set eyes.

Can Having Deep Set Eyes Make Me Look Older?

No, unless you choose to wear glasses. Glasses add years onto your appearance. They also hide any wrinkles under your eyes. So wearing glasses makes you look older than you really are. Having said that, some women use makeup to cover up their lines and wrinkles. However, using too much concealer can only go so far. You need to learn how to properly apply it without causing yourself harm.


Having deep set eyes isn’t necessarily bad. Some people love having them. Others don’t care either way. But whatever you feel about them, remember that they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. There’s no point worrying about something that won’t ever happen. Instead, focus on improving the things you already have instead of trying to fix those you don’t.