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Alternatives to Mascara

Ladies love their mascara that can make their lashes longer and thicker. Applying mascara can also open up your eyes and make them appear more youthful. But what if you suddenly run out of mascara just when you are late for an important meeting? What if you cannot find your mascara tube?

Alternatives to Mascara

Don’t worry because you don’t have to step outside the house with a bare face. There are several alternatives to mascara that you can turn to during those dreaded mascara emergencies.

False Eyelashes

False eyelashes can give you lusher and longer eyelashes almost in an instant. With the help of your falsies, you can nail any look you like, from something that looks more natural to a more exotic appeal. Some ladies opt for individual false eyelashes to achieve a more natural look.

You can wear your false eyelashes either with your usual mascara or even without it. As long you take proper care of your falsies, you can even reuse them a few times. Just make sure that you use tweezers when handling them and always store them in a safe and clean place.

False eyelashes are often available for cheap with lots of varieties to choose from. Another bonus is that these are also easier to remove at the end of the day, which might not be the same with waterproof mascara.

Grow Your Natural Eyelashes

Latisse is considered is the first and only treatment with FDA approval that can help you grow your natural lashes to make them thicker and longer. This product works on almost everyone. This will not just make your eyelashes thicker and longer as it can also darken your lashes.

To make things even better, you can also apply Latisse to your eyebrows. There is also no need for you to deal with the annoying upkeep unlike other options for lash enhancement. You just need to apply the product once daily and go about with your usual routine.

You can or cannot wear mascara, use any type of eye cream or cleanser you want with no worries to get your eyelashes wet or sleeping on your back.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are more natural-looking and more permanent alternatives not only to mascara but also to false lashes. They also don’t need daily applications. This often takes around one hour to get them applied in a salon through a completely painless process.

Lash extensions can often last for one month and during this time, you will surely love the fact that you wouldn’t need to wear or apply your favorite mascara. These are also wonderful options for almost everyone, whether you have sensitive eyes, have short or long eyelashes, or you wear a contact lens.

You can even have your lashes customized according to your preferences. All you have to do is talk to your technician to know about the different options available for you.

Eyelash Tinting

Eyelash tinting can also help your pre-existing long eyelashes appear longer and darker. Most people have eyelashes that turn into blonde at the tips. The lash tinting process may surprise you as it shows you how long your eyelashes really are.

To make things even better, you probably won’t need to grab your mascara tube ever again. All you have to do is curl your eyelashes and you are good to go. There are many exciting ways for you to get your eyelashes tinted. You can try using DIY lash tinting kits at home or you can also look for a salon that offers eyelash tinting service.

Natural Oils

Natural ways of growing lashes are usually considered as cheaper and safer alternatives to mascara and other options such as Latisse. This is something as simple as applying one or several natural oils to your eyelashes.

Olive, almond, vitamin E, castor, and coconut oils are just some of the most common options that encourage natural eyelash growth. You can also pick one, such as castor oil because this is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids. You can also mix a few together to prepare your own DIY eyelash growth serum.

You can get these oils for less than $10 online or at health food shops. Just make sure you choose organic oils that don’t have any added fragrance or ingredients. You can also use a clean mascara wand for applying the oil to your eyelashes every night before going to bed. These oils can also be applied to your eyebrows.

clear glass bottle with yellow lid

This is the most expensive approach although you have to remember that it also takes the longest time to effect and offers the least visible results. This means that pampering your eyelashes with castor oil for one month won’t probably give you thick and long lashes.

The application may also become a pain, particularly when using heavy oils such as castor oil. To ensure that you don’t get bacteria into your eyes, you should be diligent when it comes to cleaning your mascara wand both before and after use.

Clear Mascara and Eyelash Curler

If you want to skip using your usual mascara, but you still want your eye area to open up, you can simply grab your eyelash curler then follow it up with clear mascara to set your eyelashes in their place.


You can use a liquid eyeliner or gel eyeliner to make your lashes darker and achieve that clump-free glamor you love. This is a great alternative to mascara for women who have light eyelashes and fair hair or for those who have light-tipped eyelashes. You can apply the eyeliner using a disposable mascara wand.

It is an option that offers color similar to mascara but this time, without those ugly unwanted clumps. One more way to use your eyeliner on your lashes is using a mascara fan brush, a technique that makeup artists often use.

Your eyelashes are just like your lips. These are some of the first features that people see and notice when they see you. if you want to make your lashes stand out, these alternatives to mascara are worth the try to create the illusion of fuller, longer, and darker eyelashes.