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How Long Do Press On Nails Last?

A lot of people assume that press on nails are only for little girls who cannot wear acrylics nails just yet. But, this is far from the truth. In reality, many women, including Hollywood celebrities constantly showcase their glamorous press-on nails every time they walk down the red carpet.

How Long Do Press On Nails Last

What are Press-On Nails?

For those who are not familiar with them, press-on nails are the temporary tips designed with pretty art that you can use as an alternative to gels and acrylics. There are some non-professional artists that use different press-on nail brands.

Press-on nails can help you save time since these are already decorated before the application. It is the main reason why many celebrities love these temporary tips. This is not only because nails are natural and short but also because they always rock no matter where and when you use them.

Press-on nails are often available in different options. There are now artificial nails that already look very natural, not to mention that you can even customize them with ease. Press-on nails can be customized by sizing every tip first.

There are several press-on sets that come in several options that can be used for getting the perfect fit on your natural nails.

The corners of press-on nails can also be filed down to achieve a square-shaped tip similar to your cuticles. There may also be a need for you to shorten the tips and file down the press-on nails tips to create an even look. There is no need for you to worry about doing it since each nail bed is made differently.

How Long Do Press On Nails Last

To answer your question on how long do press on nails last, these can last for as much as 2 weeks if you will hold these down for a long time while applying.

A lot of people don’t really realize this common issue. If you will hold down the nails for less than 10 seconds, there is a chance that they will pop off since they won’t stick that tight.

Press-on nails can last longer if you keep these off water for a minimum of one hour after fixing them.

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How to Remove Your Press-On Nails

Most people never like the process in removing the press-on nails since they just end up losing a part of the nail bed or their skin.

This happens if you improperly remove your press-on nails. If you wish to salvage the nail underneath, there are several steps you can follow for proper removal of press-on nails:

  1. Prepare the press-on nails for the removal process.
  2. Begin by trimming your nails down and removing any shine with the use of a nail file.
  3. Put your nail in an acetone-filled bowl. Fill up pure acetone on a non-metal bowl then soak your fingernails for some time to dissolve the press-on nails and make the glue underneath softer.
  4. Remove any press-on nails left behind. Scrape off the additional glue left on your natural nails. Better results can be achieved if you soak your nails for a few more minutes. This will help take off any residual amount of glue.