Polish and Pearls

Can You Paint Press On Nails?

Top celebrities are flaunting their press on nails, making more and more ladies curious to know about this hottest trend and how they work in the first place. But one common question is, can you paint press on nails?

can you paint press on nails

Well, you can consider yourself lucky because yes, you can definitely paint press on nails. Painting press on or glue on nails is actually one of the best ways to express and exude your unique style with no need to grow out and groom your own nails.

Continue reading below to learn the common methods on how to paint press on nails.

First Method: Add Polish Before You Apply Press On Nails

Adding polish before applying glue on nails is the first method you can try. There are several steps to follow if you want to apply some polish before you apply those gorgeous glue on nails.

Try Several Nail Sizes

Before you paint your press on nails, you must try several shapes and sizes to find those that fit over each nail. The purpose here is to look for nails that resemble the curve and shape of your own nails to ensure that they fit snuggly upon application.

Use Tape

Cut a small and thin strip of tape and fit this at the back of the glue on nails. Fold the edges of the tap inward with its adhesive part facing out to make the edges adhere and overlap each other. Flip over each of the glue on nails for the bottom to face up and press the rolls of tape on the back of every nail.

Get Help from a Cotton Swab

Stick the tip of the cotton swab on the tape stuck to the nails. Make sure you press down on the tape to ensure that both the nail and cotton swab are securely adhered and flip each nail over to start painting.

Start Painting

Use your preferred polish color to paint each of the nails. Use your non-dominant hand to hold one of the swabs so that the upper portion of the glue on nail is facing upward. Use your main hand for painting the nail using your chosen nail polish color.

Let It Dry

After you are done applying a coat of nail polish on one of the nails, put it gently on a flat surface to the side to let it dry off first. Follow the same process with the rest of the nails until you have finished painting all of them with nail polish.

Add a Second Coat

Nail polish colors tend to be cloudier on glue on nails compared to your own nails, which means there might be no need for you to apply a second coat. But if you prefer a cloudier color, you can always apply a second coat of polish to each of the nails after the first coat has already dried off partially but is not completely set yet, which often takes 5 to 10 minutes.

Finish It with a Top Coat

If you like to have an additional layer of protection, you can always apply a layer of top coat on each of the nails after the color polish sets without being completely dry just yet. After you have applied the top coat, set aside the nails to dry off completely before you apply the glue on nails over your natural oils.

Second Method: Paint the Press On Nails Directly on Your Nails

The second method for painting press on nails can be done directly on your own nails, and you can do it by following the steps below.

Pick the Right Size of Press On Nails

Check the pack of glue on nails then try different sizes that will fit each nail properly. See to it that your chosen sizes closely resemble the curve and shape of your own nails. This will assure you that they will have a snug fit once applied. Lay down and organize the glue on nails according to the order you will apply them.

Proceed to Press On Nail Application

Use a dab of nail glue and press each of the glue on nails on your own nails. Hold down each one of them for 10 seconds to make sure that these are sealed tightly to your actual nails. File the nails to the shape and length you want.

Paint Those Nails

After the press on nails have snugly adhered to your nails, choose a nail polish color and paint the nails. Press your finger pads on a flat surface to ensure that your fingers don’t move too much. Paint every nail starting from the back to the front. Swipe the brush down the center of the nail first then fill in the sides with the remaining polish on the brush.

Apply a Second Coat

As mentioned earlier, polish tends to be cloudier on glue on nails compared to your own nails. However, you can still apply a second coat if you want the polish to be cloudier. During the application of the second coat, allow the first coat to dry first for 5 to 10 minutes for the polish to set without being completely dry. Paint the nails with another thin coat of polish.

Complete the Job with a Top Coat Polish

Finally, to create an additional protective layer for the color polish on the glue on nails, you might want to paint every nail with a single layer of top coat polish after the color polish has already set but is not completely dry yet.

Allow your nails to dry completely first for 20 up to 60 minutes before you move around your fingers and hands. If you like to speed up the drying process of your glue on nails, you can use a cooking spray or quick-dry spray or even soak your fingers in an ice bath.

Now that you know that you can paint on your press on nails, try any of these methods to start flaunting those lovely trendy nails in no time!