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Amazing Ideas To Get The Burgundy Design In The Best Way

When you are about to choose dark colors for your nails, burgundy is the color that seems to be a favorite of many people. Though the color goes absolutely perfect without much of designing also, in the case if you wish to add up something to it, you can surely have a look at some of the designs and patterns that are shown here for your interest.

The Plain Glossy Look

When you are in love with the color burgundy, you will not look further to do anything else apart from applying it without any design. But even when you are not applying any design to the color, you can get a great look out of it. For this, get burgundy nail paint with a glossy finish. You can get so many such products available in the market.

Just search for the right one and apply a few of the coats and do not forget to apply the top coat. This ritual not only protects your nail shade from damages but also provides an extra gloss to the nail color.

burgundy nail designs
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The Matte Finish

If you are not much into the glossy colors, you can try out the matte look of the shade. If you have long nails and in the shape of stiletto or ballerina, you can get such matte look of the color and can add some extra features to it to make it quite attractive. One of the simplest ways is to add up a small stone at one corner of the nail such as at the tip or at the bottom of the nails.

This keeps the demand for not having a glossy nail color and at the same time also offers something extra in the nails.

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burgundy nail designs
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The Ombre Effect

Ombre effects work almost for everyone and for all the colors. Whether you are having a blue color or pink or burgundy, you can try out the ombre look and you will be amazed o check the results. You can either have a normal ombre design created with the help of a sponge. If you wish to add up something extra to it, you can add sparkles and glitters to the nails.

Also, there are many other options too that you can make use of such as damask creation with black color if you do not wish to make use of the glitters or sparkles on the nails.

burgundy nail designs
Photo Credit: Instagram @indiglownails

The Glitters

Another great way that you can have with the burgundy nail color is the sparkles of the glitters. You can apply the burgundy color as a base on all the nails and then can add sparkles on one or two nails, most commonly the ring finger and the middle finger nails. You can make use of different colored sparkles such as silver or gold depending upon the shade of burgundy that you have taken.

It is always better to not to do much glossy shade of the color as it may decrease the look of the glitters.

burgundy nail designs
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The Rhinestones

If you wish to have some extra attention, you can try out the rhinestone look for sure. You can apply the burgundy color as the base of the nails and then add up rhinestones either on the tip of the nails or at the bottom or in a diagonal way. The rhinestones can be used on both matte as well as glossy shade of the burgundy color.

burgundy nail designs
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Burgundy color suits almost all the skin type and hence it is one of the most favorite ones when it comes to nail design. If you are someone who does not wish to keep it simple, these amazing design ideas can really help.

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