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Korean Nail Art That You Can Try Out

If you are a fashion freak, you will always wish to be updated with the latest fashion trends. In the case of nails, there are so many different designs and patterns that are flooding the market currently. But if you wish to have something different and unique, you can try out some options such as the Korean Nail Art. Wish to know what is different and unique about these nail designs? Here is a look at some of the amazing Korean nail designs that you can try out.

Metal Wire Drawing

You must have seen so many nail arts where drawings are made on the nails with the help of a thin brush. But have you ever heard or experienced about the influence of metal in the nail designing? The Korean nail designs brought this trend where they do drawings but not with brushes but using the metal wires. Very thin wires are used and they are molded in different shapes to stick them on the nails. Of course, firstly a basic color is applied on which the wires are stuck up in the form of different shapes such as flowers, human face, and many others.

Photo Credit: Instagram @m.179129.mayumi

Nail Piercing

Another great thing that you will notice in the Korean nail designing is the nail piercing. Bold nail shades are applied on all the nails and then different piercing is done such as round piercing on the tip of the nail or a metal dot at the center of the nail. This designing may look a bit awkward to many at the first instance but this is something that is the latest trend and is being tried by many of the style lovers and nail art lovers as of now.

Photo Credit: Instagram @nailedbynell

Huge Rhinestone

Korean nail art designs are known to make use of huge rhinestones with much ease. You can apply a base color on the nails and then can add up a huge rhinestone on the center of a nail, maybe the middle fingernail or the ring fingernail.

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You can make use of the rhinestones of various colors or a simple one, depending upon the color that you are using for the nails as the base. You can make use of a real huge rhinestone if you have long nails, else a decent one can also do justice to the smaller nails.

Gold Jewels on Nails

Korean nail art uses a lot of accessories such as the gold jewels. These can be pasted on the nails after having a base of nude color. The can be a number of things in these jewels such as a seashell of gold color or a chain of beads or something else. These are beautifully pasted on the nails such as at the edges or at the center or similar many ways. Just make the right move and you will be able to get the right nail designing for you too.

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As mentioned above, the Korean nail designs are filled with various unique patterns and styles. One of the most unique ones is the use of letters on the nails. After applying the base of a nude shade such as white or pink or so on, either letter are drawn on the nails or can be pasted also in case of using strips. Also, there are times when words are also used in a miniature way.

Photo Credit: Instagram @monluxenails

Korean nail art form is much different from the usual one. They are unique and so quite innovative. There are so many of them that can be tried apart from the above-mentioned ones such as the geometric patterns, 3D designs, diamond nails, glass nails, and many others that may look quite different from the others.

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