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Best Nail Designs for Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is all about thanking nature to provide us with the energies that we utilize in day to day life. To celebrate the day with props and proms, getting ready is also important. You may have put on your best attire for the day, but it is also important to decorate the smallest details such as your nails.

Are you still thinking what should you do about your nails for this Thanksgiving Day? Here is a list of ideas that you can surely try upon.

French Manicure with the Thanksgiving Colors

One of the easiest tricks that you can do is to get the French Manicure done with nude shades such as light pinks and so and then get your tip colors in the Thanksgiving colors such as yellow, orange, red, and so many others. This is a perfect one for those who do not have much time in hand and still wish to be a part of the celebration in the right way. For a better look, you can also add up some glitters and shimmers on the manicured nails.

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Ombre Effect

Another amazingly simple way to get the nails designed as per the theme is to get an ombre effect on your nails. You can choose different combinations such as red to yellow or blue to white and many others to get an ombre effect set on your nails and get yourself ready for the celebration of Thanksgiving Day.

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Hand Paints

If you are someone creative in nature and wish to try out your painting skills on your nails, there can be a number of options laid in front of you for the Thanksgiving ceremony. You can show your expertise in drawing flowers or leaves on your nails. Get some good shades as the base of your nails and then get the drawings done on your nails with a properly sized brush.

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There are also a number of stamps available that of fruits and other food items that can be also used for the purpose. You can simply apply a good shade on your nails and can simply put up the stamps on your nails to get the exact look that you have been searching for.

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Glitter Effect

When it is a day of celebration, glitters will never fail you. Whatever you do such as ombre effect of the hand painting of turkey or so on, you can always decorate the nails with the glitters and shimmers. You can also try out putting up some stones here and there to complete the look of your nails for a lavish party that has been thrown out.

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Thanksgiving Day is all about celebrating and hence you need to be perfect in your looks. You can always get a theme for your dress and also for your nails. Above are some of the simplest and cool ideas that one can surely wish to have for this special occasion.

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