Creating the Best French Manicure Nail Tip Designs

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French Manicures are elegant in looks and are also cute and admirable. But if you wish to add up a little bit of drama to the simple manicure, you can always do so to get a great look. Here are some of the amazing ideas to get the perfect French Manicure nail tip ideas.


Whatever design you try upon, you can never forget the classic French Manicure design. The selection of nude shades with the white nail tip is always something that is worth getting. But you can now get a little bit of twist in it to make it a bit different than the traditional one. One of the best ways is to get the nails decorated with rhinestones. You can simply have the manicure as you have regularly and then you can have smaller rhinestones applied on the tip border of the nail. You can also try out different patterns such as the application of the stones at one edge or so.

Creating the Best French Manicure Nail Tip Designs - Classic
Photo Credit: Instagram @anuilustuudio

Matte Finish

If you are not much into glossy shades, another great idea that you have for your nail tip in the manicure procedure is that of getting the matte finish. There are so many shades that you can try out in the matte finish such as purple, browns, and so on to get the exact look that you have been searching for. Even you can try out the matte finish of white color to keep up the classic look of the French manicure.

Creating the Best French Manicure Nail Tip Designs - Matte Finish
Photo Credit: Instagram @elena_jnails

Black and White Version

There are so many experiments that one can do with the French manicure designs. One of these is making use of the combination of black and white in your nail design. You can keep the tip of your nails in white and then can add up patterns in black over then or also on the nails as a whole. You can again do the vice versa thing such as keeping the tip black and doing patterns with white.

Creating the Best French Manicure Nail Tip Designs - Black and White Version
Photo Credit: Instagram @thenailtrai

Colored Version

Just opposite to the black and white manicure version, you can also try out the colored manicure designs. In this, you can have nude shades on the nails and can have colored shades such as red or blue on the tip. If you are looking for a rainbow effect, you can have different shades on all the nail tips separately.

Creating the Best French Manicure Nail Tip Designs - Colored Version
Photo Credit: Instagram @bysarah____

Ombre Effect

It is a trick to get the ombre effect to achieve French manicure design. You should choose the right color combination so that you can reach up to white so that the white shade is available on the tip of the nail. Also, you can do just the opposite so that the tip of the nail has the darkest shade of the ombre level.

Creating the Best French Manicure Nail Tip Designs - Ombre Effect
Photo Credit: Instagram @mariellanailspagkrat

When you are talking about the French manicure, that tip portion is the one that attracts everyone the most. Though it is already a point of attraction, providing it even more design ideas can make it even more trending and attractive.

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