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Valentine Nail Designs For A Hot Date Or An Outing

Whether it is about your Valentine’s Day date or about your outing or a summer party, having these nail designs seem amazing cute and trendy. There are so many of them that you can try out whether from the nail artist or even at your home.

Valentine Nail Designs For A Hot Date Or An Outing

If you are thinking that you will be not able to get that perfection at your home, there are guides along with the designs that can help you in getting that perfect look that you have always wanted to have on your nails for your special occasion.

The Classic Heart Design

The valentine’s design cannot go without that classic heart design. Trying them on your nails makes it really cute and you can get them in a much easier way. Get a white base on two of your fingers, middle, and ring finger. Paint the other fingernails with red. Now on the ring finger, you can draw two small hearts with the red color diagonally and on the middle fingernail, put up two small dots at the base. Now, put up the transparent top coat on the nails and the look is complete.

Photo Credit: Instagram @nailsbyjema
Photo Credit: Instagram @kellimarissa

Hearts In A Line

This is yet another amazing and easy to do nail art that you can have for your date or such like that. Put up a white base on all your nails. Now apply three bold dots of different colors such as red, orange and pink at the middle of all the fingers in a straight line vertically. Before the dots dry out, take a pin or something and draw a line from the down most dot till the tip of the nails. This will create an effect of three hearts in a queue. Now, finish the design with the top coat.

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Kisses On the Nails

Thinking how to get the impression of kisses on your nails? This can be again done in a much easier way with a little bit of practice. Do not believe it? Here it goes. Start by applying a base of white nail pain on all your fingernails. Now take a thin brush and take up different colors such as red, orange and pink and each time taking up one color, draw two parallel small messy lines resembling as if a lip offering a kiss. Draw a few of these messy lines and there will be so many kisses on your nails.

Photo Credit: Instagram @kellimarissa

Colorful Hearts

Now, this is something that looks really cute and you may need to do a bit of practice to get this amazing nail art on your nails. First, apply the base of glittery nail paint. You can put up a silvery glitter or so on. Now using a thin brush and the black color, make small hearts on all the nails. After you are done, now fill these hearts with different colors such as red, yellow, and so on, keeping the black border visible. Apply the top coat and your colorful hearts on your nails are ready to show off.

Source: pinterest.com

Water Marble Design

You must have seen this trick in a number of videos by now. It is quite easy. First of all, apply a base color of white on all your nails. Now make a stencil of heart design using a regular take and put it on the nails so that the heart comes in the middle and can be filled with color. Now in room temperature water, put up 2-3 different colors drop by drop and use a toothpick to offer it the desired design. Now put your finger in this water design and slowly take out the finger. Remove the extra ones and also the stencil tape. Put up the top coat to finish the look.

Wandering to have more designs? There are many more that you can try such as chess heart designs, leopard heart designs, and so on.

Featured Image Source: Instagram @Fiepedersendk

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