Try These Super Special Unicorn Nail Designs

Myths are no doubt fascinating and at the same time quite thrilling. Though there are a number of people who laugh out at these myths, at times they also get attracted to them when it comes to style. One such beautiful mythical creature that has always been an attraction is the unicorn. Wish to get a stylish side of this mythical creature? Here are some of the mindblowing unicorn nail designs that you can try out to look quite different from the others in the crowd.

The Light Blue Design

It is not always that you need to go an extra mile to create that unicorn design effect for your nails. You can also try out some of the simple and easy to go designs that are equally stunning to look at. One such option is the light blue nail design with a unicorn image. For this, you can apply a base of light blue color on all your fingernails and then use your nail art to draw a unicorn face on one of the nails, most commonly the ring finger. You can add up glitters on other nails and can also try out some other options too. You can have a white base on all your nails apart from the index fingernail. Draw the unicorn as it is in the ring finger nail, add up glitters on all other nails and glittery blue nail polish on the index fingernail.

Photo Credit: Instagram @home_of_deva

Cartoon Unicorn

If you wish to have a cute design on your nails, you can try out this amazing unicorn design that is available in a cartoon form. Apply a base of light pink nail color on all your fingernails. Now combine both the middle fingernail and the ring fingernail to create a cartoon colorful unicorn. This will normally have a big smiling mouth sprouting out giving a 3D look if you have longer tips of the nails. These can be tried upon for a kid’s party and other similar events.

Photo Credit: Instagram @paulinaspassions

3D Unicorn

The current time is all about 3D art. So, why don’t you try it on your nails? The 3d unicorn art is something that makes your nail look not only extremely attractive but also magical in one aspect. Try different color such as white, blue, and add it up with glitters and do not forget to create those magical black eyes that make the unicorn look stunning on your nails.

Photo Credit: Instagram @gigisnailstudio

The Unicorn Horn Design

With the stiletto nail types, you can create some of the most amazing nail arts such as that of unicorn horn design. The tip of the nail seems to the horn and hence different designs can be created to create an artistic looking horn. This can be done by adding up rainbow colors and glitters to it. Also, you can add up rhinestones on the nail tips or the nail enamel to make the design extraordinary in nature.

Photo Credit: Instagram @sarahsnailsecrets

The Ombre Design

The Ombre design is another option that you can have for the unicorn nail art. There are different colors that are combined together such as blue, white, purple, pink, and others that are added together to get an ombre look on the nail. You can create a unicorn with the horn on the nail and can also decorate it with rhinestones and glitters.
Wish to know many other options that you can have for the unicorn designs? There are so many others such as midnight unicorn design, rainbow unicorn design, holographic design, hand printed unicorn design, gold foil design, and many others. There are so many of them that one can have to get that perfect look for the unicorn nail design.

Photo Credit: Instagram @nailskka