Easy Yet Creative Halloween Nail Designs To Go For

When it is the Halloween time, you may often rush to the stylists to get that perfect Halloween look of your choice. But why do you need a special day to get that look?

You can try some of the amazing Halloween looks even at home with some of the easy steps.

Do not believe how? Here are some of the amazing nail designs that you can have based on the Halloween theme.

Jack Skellington

This can be a really easy design if you can have a bit of patience and go by the steps carefully.

  1. Apply a base color on all the nails and white base on your middle and the ring finger nails
  2. Now use the black color and draw thin vertical lines on your middle finger nail
  3. For the ring finger nail, take a thin detailer brush and draw the eyes and stitched mouth of the skeleton
  4. Complete the design with a transparent top coat.

Easy Halloween Nail Art Designs Ideas with Pictures and Steps - Jack Skellington
Source: @disneyluxury

Vampire Lips

Again the vampire lips design may need a bit of detailing work but can actually work great for the occasion.

  1. Apply a base color of white to all the nails and black to your ring finger nail
  2. Now with a detailer brush, draw the lips with red color along with teeth with the white color
  3. Do not forget to detail the tongue inside with the help of a pink color
  4. Now for the rest of the nails, you can use red color to draw blood drops

Easy Halloween Nail Art Designs Ideas with Pictures and Steps - Vampire Lips
Source: @allnailseverything

Skeleton Nails

If you wish to have a real easy going Halloween nail design, you should have a look at this one. This is cite and also quite easy to go for.

  1. First of all start with a base color of black on all your nails
  2. Now take a detailer brush and with the help of the white color, draw a skeleton either on the ring finger nail or the middle finger nail or even both
  3. Now you can take some other bright color too to add a bow either on the head or on the neck of the skeleton.

Easy Halloween Nail Art Designs Ideas with Pictures and Steps -
Source: @chansbeauty

Pumpkin Jack

If you are getting ready for the Halloween event, nothing can be as great as having a pumpkin nail design.

  1. Apply orange color on the tip of the nails leaving the ring finger
  2. Now add vertical lines on the tip itself with a lighter orange color
  3. Outline the tip and the divisions with black color
  4. Now, apply an orange coat on the ring finger nail and also apply vertical lines with light orange color
  5. Now use a detailer brush and make use of black color to draw the triangle eyes and the zigzag mouth of the pumpkin
  6. Do not forget to add the top of the pumpkin with a green color,
    Apply the top coat to finally finish up the design.

Easy Halloween Nail Art Designs Ideas with Pictures and Steps - Pumpkin Jack
Source: @the_nail_lounge_miramar

Spooky Skulls

Skulls are other options to create a horror feel. This can be surely added up to the nails to get some great design.

  1. Apply a base coat of white color
  2. Now, make use of the dark red nail polish and make the eyes and the nose of the skull in the middle of the nails
  3. Also, use a detailer brush and black color to draw vertical lines on the tip of the nails.

Easy Halloween Nail Art Designs Ideas with Pictures and Steps - Spooky Skulls
Source: @the_nail_lounge_miramar

There are can so many different such Halloween designs that one can have for their nails. There are so many others that can be tried upon apart from the above mentioned such as glitter skull, Polka Dot spiders, colorful eyes, Frankenstein nail design, black and orange pumpkin design, bats and blood design, bloody eyeballs, and many others.

Easy Halloween Nail Art Designs Ideas with Pictures and Steps - Polka Dot spiders
Source: pinterest.com

Easy Halloween Nail Art Designs Ideas with Pictures and Steps - Frankenstein nail design
Source: @mannicured


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