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Do Cuticles Grow Back?

Cuticles are like delicate flowers so handling them with extra care and gentleness is a must. Cutting your cuticles is a big no-no and instead, you just need to push them back. Why is that? Don’t they look so much better if they are cut and look polished? Well, this is so wrong.

do cuticles grow back

That thin skin sliver along the bottom of the nail bed, or what you call cuticles, actually serves a very critical purpose and that is to keep you protected from infection. Otherwise, it will be an ideal point of entry. Once you sliced it open just because you or the one doing your nails have no idea how to use the nippers properly, these flood gates will become open for fungus and bacteria right away, making them get inside your body and end up infecting you as a result.

Cutting cuticles is not a part of the tests in beauty schools simple because technically, this is not something you are supposed to do. Others will try to teach you how to cut cuticles and all students will be given with their respective nippers only to lead to bleeding and blood everywhere. This is because it is all too easy to cut too deep, accidentally cutting the skin. Indeed, cutting cuticles is a plain risky business.

Also, the moment cutting your cuticles becomes your habit, you will always need to cut them since they just grow back fast but it will no longer as pretty as normal. Do cuticles grow back? Well, yes, they do. But, they will start to fray and resemble a fish’s gill. Not good, right?

Experts recommend the use of cuticle nippers just to hack away at the hangnails. In beauty schools, although they will teach you how to cut your cuticles, they will tell you to use nippers for cutting painful hangnails showing up under the cuticle and along the nail’s sides. Instead, the cuticles should be pushed back through the applying the cuticle remover on every nail. Grab an orange stick available at beauty supply stores. Wrap cotton on the tip and gently push back the cuticle to achieve the perfect ridge.

The perfect time for cutting your cuticles is right after stepping outside the shower. This is because this is the time when your skin is easier to push back because they are also softer. You can soak your hands as well in warm water until the cuticles become softer. This can also work well.

So, do cuticles grow back? The simple answer is yes.

But, their appearance might no longer be as good as they used to be. That is why the next time you visit your favorite salon or you choose to do your own nails at home, make sure that you don’t cut your cuticles. This is because there is nothing more hideous than freshly manicured hands that have an infection on the side. Of course, the last thing you want is to end up having manicured hands that look like the scene of a crime.

Featured Image Source: wenjomatic from Flickr