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Best Korean Foundation Brushes

Have you ever tried Korean make-up and skincare products? If you have, you probably already know that they’re much different from what you can expect from Western make-up and skincare products.

best korean foundation brushes

For example, Western make-up is all about highlights and contours, while Korean make-up is all about that dewy, glass skin. Western make-up is usually mature and sultry, while Korean make-up is usually youthful and innocent.

Most Korean foundations come in cream and liquid form as it’s easier to achieve the dewy look with cream and liquid make-up. So, in this review, we’ll focus on finding the best foundation brushes that work quite well with Korean foundation – be it in cream or liquid form!

Flat Top Kabuki Foundation Brush by Keshima

Flat Top Kabuki Foundation Brush By KESHIMA - Premium Makeup Brush for Liquid, Cream, and Powder - Buffing, Blending, and Face Brush

If your make-up needs to look like it’s just your skin, you need a perfectly dense make-up brush like the Flat Top Kabuki Foundation Brush by Keshima. You’d want your Korean foundation to be bluffed and blended to perfection, and this is one of the best Korean foundation brushes that your money can buy.

The synthetic hairs are as soft as real hairs, but they’re packed so dense for that streak-free application of even full coverage foundations. They’re not prone to shedding and they’re also easy to clean and maintain. They don’t absorb liquid and cream foundation into the brushes themselves, so you won’t have to worry about getting product out from the depths of the brush. This is also what users love about it most. It’s also said to outshine the quality of high-end brushes that easily cost twice as much! At less than 6 in. in length, it’s easy to use and it’s also small enough to fit inside smaller make-up pouches.

As for the cons, there IS a couple of people who’ve had problems with washing the brush, saying that the bristles fell off while washing. For some, the bristles were all too dense, making make-up more difficult to apply.

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Foundation Makeup Brush Flat Top Kabuki Hexagon by Daubigny

Foundation Makeup Brush Flat Top Kabuki Hexagon Face Blush Liquid Powder Foundation Brush for Blending Liquid, Cream or Flawless Powder Cosmetics with Bonus Protective Case (Black)

This uniquely-designed brush from Daubigny is one of the most popular kabuki foundation brushes. Its hexagon-shaped plastic base was designed so it’s easier to grab and use. The wide circle of the brush makes for even easier application of full-face cream and liquid foundations.

This foundation brush comes with its own storage box. This storage box protects the brush’s bristles from dust and mites, and it also protects it from being deformed inside travel pouches. The brush itself is light on the hands and very comfortable to use. You grab it with your palm, so you get to control how light or how heavy you’re blending your foundation.

200,000 micro-fine and extra soft bristles are densely packed to make for a smooth and flawless finish each and every time. What most customers love about this hexagon brush are its low price, unique shape, and the fact that it doesn’t absorb the product so you won’t have to use more than you need to. The storage box that it comes with makes it easier to wrap if you’re giving it as a gift as well.

As for the cons, however, there seems to be some quality issues on some batches as some customers receive unusable brushes. Complaints are mostly about the base falling out and separating from the bristles.

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Kabuki Foundation Brush by TEXAMO

Flat Top Kabuki Foundation Brush TEXAMO Spoon Dual-ended Angled Foundation Makeup Brush Concealer Brush Premium Face Brush, Blending Powder Cream Buffing Stippling With Box

You take one look at this kabuki foundation brush by TEXAMO and you’ll see how it’s different. The gray and white bristles look so sleek and modern. The other end of the brush serves as a small spoon where you can put foundation instead of pumping some into your hands. You can even use it to scoop out foundation from pots and wide enough bottles. This means you won’t be wasting a single drop of your Korean foundation!

The bristles of the brush are synthetic and even softer than animal fur. They’re packed tight and don’t easily break or shed. They’re quite easy to clean as well. Many users love the softness of the bristles and how amazingly easy it is to use for blending liquid and cream foundation. The spoon at the end of the brush is a great tool as it eliminates the need for spatulas when using pot make-up.

The brush is quite small though and, while many people loved the product, they wished it was a little bigger so it was easier to blend over larger areas. However, the smaller size means you get to blend evenly on harder to reach areas too. If you’re using Korean foundation, you may have to clean it more often as well, as the bristles can easily harden due to build-up, making blending and stippling a little difficult.

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Matto Bamboo Makeup Brush Set

Matto Makeup Brush Set 2 Pieces Face Blush Kabuki Powder Foundation Makeup Brushes for Mineral BB Cream

This two-piece bamboo make-up set from Matto is made with ultra-plush and ultra-smooth synthetic bristles. The flat kabuki brush is amazing with liquid and cream make-up, while the round kabuki brush is perfect for powder make-up.

The brushes are small and both can easily fit the palm of your hand, so they’re great travel brushes. Both are close dupes of some very popular brands. The flat top kabuki brush is not too dense, but it’s very soft so it does a great job of applying cream and liquid foundation. Matto also offers a money-back guarantee and 1-year replacements for the set. This is a great way of showing how confident a company is about its product, and this guarantee definitely attracts loads of customers.

Customer feedback is usually about the denseness of the flat kabuki brush, though customers are still quite satisfied with how it evenly and easily blends cream and liquid make-up.

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The Verdict

If you want a regular kabuki brush, try the foundation brush from Keshima.

If you want a mini kabuki brush that’s easy to store and carry, get the Korean foundation brush from Daubigny.

If you want to get a brush and a spatula in one, buy the one from Texamo.

If you want both a cream and liquid foundation brush and a powder brush, take the makeup brush set from Matto.

Brushes that work well with cream and liquid products are brushes that’ll work well with Korean foundations. The foundation brushes in this list are some of the most popular cream and liquid foundation brushes on the web, and the good thing is that they all have individual strengths and they won’t break the bank too!