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Best Facial Soap for Tweens

Tweens can range from elementary kids to pre-adolescents, so it is best to find the best facial soap to match their activity level and skin type.

best face wash for tweens

Contrary to popular belief that this is the age when kids get dirty, sweaty, and require a good scrubbing, tweens actually are “in-between” kids and teens. This means that their skin is still young and sensitive, and introducing harsh chemicals and ingredients in their facial soap will just do more harm than good.

There are so many facial soaps for adults and teenagers being advertised, and not all of these would be tween-friendly. It would be ideal to look for a facial wash that cleanses gently, is non-comedogenic (does not clog pores), is conveniently packaged, and with a kid-approved fragrance.

Here are our best facial soap suggestions for tweens:

CeraVe Hydrating Face Wash

CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser

CeraVe’s number one strength is in its name—it is a very hydrating face wash. For a very moisturizing product, it still manages to properly cleanse your skin. Since it contains ceramides that protect the skin from harsh elements such as wind or dust, you’re sure that the face remains smooth, supple, and free from irritation.

Even the most sensitive skin will rejoice with CeraVe’s tween-friendly checklist; it does not contain paraben and is non-comedogenic. Dry skin will benefit the most from CeraVe’s formulation. It comes as no surprise that this is recommended by dermatologists.

What’s practical about this face wash is you can use it on the entire body. It even does a better job of targeting and treating dry patches or eczema. This makes CeraVe an all-around cleanser that will give you more value for your buck.

A possible downside is its lotion-like consistency that may take some time to get used to. Since CeraVe is fragrance-free and soap-free, it may feel like an invisible, suds-free cleanser. Tweens might be looking for that soapy feel that equates to squeaky clean. Lastly, as tweens transition to actual teens, they may need to re-evaluate their facial wash since CeraVe may not be the best fit for oily and acne-prone skin.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

The Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser claims to be the #1 Dermatologist Recommended product, and it is the gentlest cleanser out there. It is fragrance-free and suitable even for the most sensitive skin. What makes it amazing is that it can clean your skin perfectly and maintain its balanced pH level, which solid soaps find hard to achieve. It is a good choice for tweens who don’t need extra or intense cleansing.

Cetaphil leaves skin with a smooth and soft finish. It is generally a good buy for those with dry skin who need its moisturizing properties. Cetaphil also has micellar technology—like the micellar water or wipes used to remove makeup—that can perform the same job of removing makeup, oil, and grime from one’s face. Tweens that are beginning to use makeup or are at the onset of puberty and oily skin will benefit greatly.

Cetaphil is best used on the face, because it may be regarded as too gentle as a body wash. Don’t expect it to be a hand wash and a germ killer because it’s more targeted to those with sensitive skin, and other dry skin issues such as rosacea.

If experiencing extra dry skin, Cetaphil can also double as a moisturizer or a no-rinse cleanser. Truly, Cetaphil is that gentle that you can leave it on your face without experiencing any irritation afterward.

Kidskin T-Blast Cleanser

Kidskin - T-Blast Cleanser - Foaming Facial Skin Cleanser

This cleanser may have the word “blast” in its name, but by no means is it brimming with harsh chemicals and other scary ingredients. The Kidskin T-Blast Cleanser is targeted to tweens, so it needs an equally cool name that will not sound your auntie’s cleanser.

The cleanser does not contain parabens, gluten, and sulfates—those ingredients that irritate the skin. In fact, the T-Blast Cleanser was made for sensitive skin that is already prone to acne. Even young skin can already be susceptible to blemishes, but using salicylic acid is very strong. Salicylic acid may cause redness and sore spots to skin that isn’t used to this kind of treatment yet.

What’s great about T-Blast Cleanser is that the “T” actually stands for tea tree oil, which is a natural way to treat pimples and other blemishes. Tea tree oil is an organic treatment to zap those zits and is a verified tween-safe product to use in a cleanser.

The T-Blast Cleanser comes with a mild tea tree scent that smells herbal. Unlike other “gentler” brands, this cleanser is foamy and contains tea tree, so getting some in the eyes may cause a sting. It also shouldn’t be used more than twice a day because the tea tree content may be too much for any young skin.

Liquid Neutrogena Gentle Facial Cleanser

Liquid Neutrogena Fragrance

The Liquid Neutrogena Gentle Facial Cleanser boasts of a glycerin-rich formula. Glycerin is a humectant, which means that it attracts water to the top layer of the skin to keep it always moisturized. The result is a gentle kind of liquid cleanser that is good enough for any skin type. It is a straightforward cleanser that doesn’t have added vitamins or other organic ingredients.

The cleanser can deep clean your face to get rid of oil, grime, and make-up. The cleansing is sufficient and does not leave any residue behind. Since it’s non-comedogenic, it will not clog pores and will be a safe choice for tween skin. It also lathers up some foam, thus promising that squeaky clean that tweens may be looking for.

The Neutrogena Facial Cleanser is a “classic” choice, with this brand having been around for ages. The formula is also time-tested, and many tweens who are now adults continue to use this. It is listed as fragrance-free, though many claim that they detect a slightly fresh, clean scent common among Neutrogena products.

The plastic bottle pump is an effective design to release just enough of the product you need. The cleanser has a gel-like consistency that comes in the signature amber color of Neutrogena.

The Verdict

The tween years are the “in-between” moments when the skin requires gentle products, but at the same time, may already need preparation for teenage breakouts.

We find that the Kidskin T-Blast Cleanser fulfills all those requirements and is made specifically for the acne-prone tween skin. It is an innovative and effective product with its introduction of tea tree oil for younger skin. Tweens will enjoy washing their face with this mild foamy wash with a tinge of herbal scent.