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Best Rear Lifting Shapewear

Some women get a bit insecure where the butt is concerned. It’s fine – not all of us are blessed with a shapely behind, but we still love and appreciate our bodies. But when you need an extra boost of confidence and a butt lift and your favorite jeans really don’t match the rest of your outfit, you just slip into some good butt-lifting shapewear and none will be the wiser!

best rear lifting shapewear

You can always get down to it and do those butt enhancing squats and lunges, but if you still need some help in that area, here are some of the best rear lifting shapewear that we’ve found:

Nebility Women Butt Lifter Shapewear

Nebility Women Butt Lifter Shapewear

The Nebility Butt Lifter Shapewear lifts the rear, while also tucking in the waist area, giving you a flatter tummy and a more pronounced butt. The stitching on the seams is designed to tighten and lift your butt, while the double-layer fabric around the tummy area is designed to give you an hourglass figure. It’s a seamless design as well and can be worn over jeans, dresses, shirts, and shorts. It’s great for different body types and shapes too!

This butt lifter is made of a polyester-spandex blend and comes in color black. The crotch uses a cotton material, so it’s both comfortable and healthy for a woman’s crotch area. This body shaper also reaches up to the under-boobs, but the main material used is soft and breathable so you won’t have a problem with wearing it for lengthy amounts of time. It’s so comfortable that you can even wear it daily and while you’re sleeping!

Customers loved the support it gives to the waist area and that it doesn’t roll down. The thighs aren’t too squished, but the effect on the butt area isn’t lost at all. The size chart seems to be the only thing wrong with the product, as many users noted that the item they ordered was too big even though they referred to the size chart.

Gotoly Women Body Shaper

Gotoly Women Body Shaper

Lift up your hips and slim down your waist with the Gotoly Body Shaper and no one will ever suspect a thing! The super-thin seams and edges are almost invisible when worn under clothing. It uses a soft, thick fabric around the waist and silky lace around the butt and thighs. It fits all body shapes and sizes from small to 3XL.

The stretchy lace fabric is comfortable and doesn’t squish around the thighs. It’s made of a tough fabric around the waist so it’s definitely effective in smoothing out bulges. It may not look too comfortable because of the thickness of the fabric, but it is comfortable according to tons of other reviews.

As for the butt enhancing powers, customers noted that it lifts the butt while also giving it a nice shape. It’s not padded on the butt area, so it actually just makes your natural butt look toned without making it seem fake. It’s a great rear-lifting undergarment overall as it does its job without being too restricting.

Other customers were dissatisfied as the body shaper may be too large for the size. Some others commented that it has a tendency to roll down if the size isn’t right, and many of those who used and loved this body shaper from Gotoly ordered a size or two down.

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SHAPERX Shapewear for Women

SHAPERX Shapewear

The SHAPERX Shapewear for Women is the only zip-up shapewear in this list. It’s a full-body undergarment that comes in black and nude, and it features a non-slip shoulder strap and stretchy lace accents. It’s definitely an expensive-looking shapewear and it’s the most expensive shapewear on this list.

The high-waist, zip-up design effectively gets rid of bulges around the waist area. It compresses the tummy so your butt is more pronounced, giving you a more feminine hourglass shape. Those who have bigger behinds can order a size down and the butt area will still be roomy.

The lace accents are stretchable and the butt area is a bit loose so your butt won’t look flat or get sucked in. It does a nice job of pushing up the butt and giving it a nicer, firmer, and rounder shape.

Getting a size down is also a tip given by many users. Since the butt area is a bit roomy and you want to enhance its looks, you’re better off squeezing into a smaller one than a larger one that doesn’t really help your butt. It’s very elastic so you don’t need to worry about the comfort level. Some even order two sizes down and the elastic fabric is still very comfortable.

Burvogue Shapewear

Burvogue Shapewear

The Burvogue Shapewear is last but not the least. It’s a very simple-looking undergarment, but the user reviews for this shapewear pants mostly say that it’s just out of this world. The breathable fabric is made of lightweight spandex and nylon, and it’s a high-waist, mid-thigh pants. The moisture-wicking material makes it comfortable for long periods of use as well. It can be worn under dresses, skirts, jeans, tights, and leggings.

Though it doesn’t look like it, it’s practically invisible under tight clothes. You can wear it under tight pants and people won’t even know that it’s there. Even the seams are invisible under clothing, and they’re double stitched so they don’t roll up or down. Sizes are from S to XXXL, and color choices are black and beige. All of these and more are why it’s been bought, rated, and reviewed online thousands of times.

It’s great for flattening the tummy, keeping in the thighs, and shaping up the butt. The butt area is also of a different, more breathable material that keeps the butt high and firm.

It does seem a little thick, but the material used is moisture-wicking. It’s a very breathable fabric and it holds up its shape pretty well. It will also look small at first glance, but it’s highly stretchable.


Butt-enhancing shapewear are answers to many women’s prayers! They give our confidence a good boost, and they make us feel more at ease with how we dress and look. They sometimes even help post-partum moms get back in shape.

And based on our little research, the best rear lifting shapewear is none other than the Burvogue Shapewear. It’s just the right price, and it’s the perfect undergarment when you’re wearing even tight pants. It’s seamless and ultra-comfortable, and it does what it’s supposed to: it slims down the waist area, keeps in your thighs, and nicely shapes up your butt!