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Perfect Nail Look For The Spring

Springs are just about to arrive and you will have a lot of options to get dressed and try different looks. When you are trying out the looks with your dress and hair, you can also experiment a bit with your nails too. Today, you can have a different design for almost every season whether it is an event, a festival or a season; you can try out the various nail designs that can help you get the perfect look for the time. Here are some of the amazing nail designs that you can try out to make your springs even more special.

The Basic Design

The basic design consists of the application of the light shades such as pinks, light blues, and others. You can combine two colors also and apply them on the nails to get a different look. Just as you can match up two different colors and apply them diagonally to get a look that is fresh and also different than the usual ones. Make sure that you choose the right colors that can look soothing to the eyes and can also complement each other well. Moreover, choose the colors that can make your nail design become amazing.

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The Floral Design

The floral design is the perfect one for the springtime. There are so many variations available today in case of the floral designs that you can choose the perfect one for you. You can get them stamped on your nails or can get a sticker to paste on your nails. If you are someone who is a bit experienced one in nail art, you can also take a thin brush and draw the floral designs on your nails. The color combinations that you can try out for your perfect floral nail design are huge. The most common one is that of using white as the base color and then drawing flowers on it with the help of a thin brush. There are so many other options such as 3D florals, galaxy roses, and many others that you can try out to get that perfect spring nail design for you.

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The Dry Flowers

You can also experiment with the dried out flower petals in place of throwing them out. You can stick them on the nails followed by applying top coats on them to get that perfect look. There are different options that you can try out such as combining the dried flowers with other colors and or also adding up glitters and rhinestones to them to make them even more stunning.

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The Blossom

If you think the floral design has become much of old school, you can try out the design of blossom. Apply nude colors for the base and then draw blossoms on the nails such as leaves, buds, small flowers, and so on. You can try out different flower options such as daisies, lilies, and many more. You can try this design by drawing the blossoms on the nails or even by using the method of stamping.

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The Dots

If nothing suits you and you are searching for those perfect yet easy designs, the dots are the perfect one for you. You can apply a nude shade on your nails first and then can add up small dots of different colors on them. Just make sure not to overcrowd the nail and to maintain a certain gap in between the two dots so that it does not look congested.

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There can be so many different options available when you are searching for that perfect spring nail design. You just need to let your imagination and creativity flow and you will be able to get the perfect look for your nail designs.

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