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6 Dos and DONTs for a Beautiful and Healthy Skin

Blessed are those with naturally beautiful skin. Most of us have to work hard and follow a routine to get and maintain it. This article focuses on how to maintain healthy skin that everyone love.

How to Maintain Healthy Skin

First, I would suggest a following a treatment like Crepe Erase to get the skin you desire. If you don’t know what it is, click here to learn about it. Next step would be to ensure it remains like that by following this article.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drink at least eight glasses of water every day and eat fruits with high water content. Water doesn’t necessarily heal skin issues, but definitely makes it healthy. Healthy skin is beautiful and less likely to have issues. After all, it improves the digestive system flushes all toxins out of the body. As hydration maintains optimal body temperature, your skin gets the glow and softness you wish for.

Don’t Eat Spicy and Fried

Don’t fool yourself with the last bite. Remember, you are what you eat. Keep foods that destroy your health out of your body. When your body isn’t healthy, everyone can see it on your face. Even using a mix of healthy and unhealthy diet is not a smart option. Even if healthy food has its benefits, it doesn’t cut the side effects of spicy and fried food.

Shed Some Sweat

Sweat cleanses your body. Some running and mild workout will not only give you sweat but also improve blood circulation; both lead to the fast cleaning process. Furthermore, use an exfoliator after the workout when your pores are already open.

Don’t Pop Any Pimples

No matter how much urge you have, don’t make the mistake of messing with pimples. The smartest way to deal with them is patience. Poping the pimples could cause redness and swelling, and it might leave a scar for life. If you want to do something, clean it with rose water and put a chilled teabag on it for a few minutes.

Wash Face with Warm Water

Warm water is always better than cold water to wash face. Our skin pores close as soon as we touch it something cold. Warm water, on the other hand, opens them. It’s important that your skin is warmed and have open pores if you want to exfoliate and clean your skin from in the inside. Even if you are about to apply a face mask, use warm water for maximum results. Once you have cleaned the mask, then you should use cold water to close the open pores.

Never Sleep with Makeup On

Your skin needs to breathe when you are sleeping; makeup gets in the way of that. You will end up with clogged pores if you don’t clean all the makeup from your face before going to sleep. Clogged pores cause issues like blackheads and blemishes. Dip a cotton pad in olive oil to clean your face with it and don’t forget to exfoliate.