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How to Clean Under Nails

Can you still remember all the random utensils that you used throughout your life just to get rid of those annoying grime and dirt under your nails?

Well, for sure, you have already realized that grabbing the nearest item to clean your nails is never a good idea.

Thus, it is important to know how to clean under nails the right way once and for all if you really care for your nails.

No matter how much you try, there will always come a time when you will discover that your nails have turned into a dirt magnet. Experts have noted that your nails usually get dirtier faster during cooler months.

The culprit behind this is none other the lint from your gloves that you wear when the cool weather kicks in. if you do notice your nails always full of dirt, you can turn the gloves you wear inside out to dust them off.

But of course, your dirty nail problems are not all because of your gloves and no matter where the dirt came from in the first place, you need to tackle it right away. Nothing can ruin your food-inspired photos than seeing ugly grime lines gathering under your nails.

So, if you want to confidently flaunt your nails for the Gram with no inhibitions or worries, put down those scissors or anything else you have used before and try to follow these steps.

Pamper Your Hands by Soaking

See to it that your hands are always moist and nice before you scrub them. If you only rinse your fingers under water too fast, you will end up damaging the nail bed.

One of the best times to clean under your nails is when you are in the shower because your hands will surely be moist in a matter of minute.

Use a Nail Brush

Experts say that there is nothing more crucial than a quality nail brush to help clean under nails.

This can work better compared to other objects for scraping out grime since those may end up accidentally pushing further or damaging under the nail bed. Look for a good nail brush that is sturdy, affordable and even elegant.


Never let your nails dry out from all the scrubbing and soap after you have cleaned beneath them. You can buy a good hand moisturizer that smells good and works wonders on your nails.

Scrub Until Your Nails are Squeaky Clean

When it comes to scrubbing your nails, there are a few important steps to remember. First, to clean under your nails, squeeze a small amount of antibacterial soap on a clean brush then hold this downward.

Move the brush back and forth gently until you have removed all the dirt. This will help make your nails sparkling clean.

Keeping your nails clean should always be your top priority as this is an indication of your personality as a whole. Instead of using the first item you see around the house.

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