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Can You Put Lotion on Your Lips?

Many people often take their lips for granted. What they don’t realize is that just like other parts of their body, their lips also need some TLC. Similar to how you pamper your skin with lotion, can you put lotion on your lips, too?

Can You Put Lotion on Your Lips?

This article explores whether or not lotion can be applied to your lips.

Can You Apply Lotion on Lips?

Yes, while you can put lotion on your lips, it doesn’t mean you should be doing it, though. Applying lotion meant for the body to your lips won’t probably be the most effective way to treat your cracked or dry lips. It is because body lotion most likely contains fragrances that may cause skin irritation.

The best method to heal dry lips is to apply lip balm, a product especially made for your lips. Lip balms often include several beneficial ingredients, including vitamin E.

Can You Put Moisturizing Lotion on Your Lips?

Yes, using just small quantities of moisturizing lotion on your lips won’t probably cause any problems to your lips. Just make sure that you don’t ingest any of the product since these lotions are not specifically made for your lips.

Can You Put Body Butter on Your Lips?

Yes, 100% body butter is ideal for cracked or dry lips because it is rich in fatty acids and vitamins, not to mention that it also has moisturizing properties.

Can You Put Calamine Lotion on Your Lips?

No, calamine is not really recommended to be used on your lips because this is only meant to be applied externally. Make sure you avoid putting calamine anywhere close to your mouth.

Can You Put Hand Lotion on Your Lips?

Yes, hand lotion is something that you can apply to your lips. Your hands are also delicate areas of the skin and lotion products meant for your hands can also be considered safe for your lips. Most hand lotions often contain moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter. Just make sure that you apply a small amount of this lotion to your lips.

Can You Put Face Moisturizer on Your Lips?

No, face moisturizer is not recommended to be used on your lips because this product may contain some preservatives or natural ingredients not meant to be ingested.

Is It Bad to Put Lotion on Your Lips?

Yes and no are the answers to this next question. Most lotions contain harsh preservatives and ingredients that are not ideal for ingestion. This means that these should always be kept far from your mouth at all times.

There are also perfumes and fragrances in lotions that tend to be extremely strong and won’t be good to taste at all. These chemicals and fragrances can also cause allergies. Applying these things on your lips may result in severe allergic reactions including burning sensations, swelling of the mouth, or even loss of breath.

However, the general rule of thumb here is that any type of lotion meant for the body must be fine since the product shouldn’t contain any toxic ingredients.

But then again, it is recommended that you avoid applying any type of body lotions on your lips. Instead, it would be better and safer to use moisturizing products that are more effective on your lips.

Will It Burn If You Put Lotion on Your Lips?

Yes, it is possible since most lotions contain preservatives or chemicals that can be irritating and harsh to the skin, specifically the lips. Remember that your lips have thinner and more sensitive skin compared to the skin on other parts of your body.

Every time you apply moisturizer, lip balms, or even lotion on your lips, this shouldn’t cause any burning sensation, and when it does, make sure that you wipe it off right away. However, it excludes if your lips are cracked since it is only natural for cracked lips to be very painful.

Most people seem to believe that if a product causes a burning sensation once it gets into contact with their skin, it is an indication that the product and its ingredients are working. But this is only a false belief. The stinging or burning sensation is actually because the product is irritating you.

What Products Can You Use to Moisturize Your Lips?

There are lots of non-irritating products that can be applied to your lips to help them stay moisturized. When your lips feel dry, it is a must to moisturize them a few times daily, two times every hour when you are outside, and also right before going to bed.

Below are the best products that you can use to moisturize your dry lips:

Lip Balm

When your lips feel dry, you can use a lip balm. Make sure that you pick a lip balm with some moisturizing ingredients such as coconut oil or shea butter. These natural ingredients can help lock in moisture for several hours.

SPF Lip Product

It is also extremely important to choose a lip balm or lip moisturizer that contains SPF. A lip balm that contains SPF can help protect your lips from sun damage that can burn them and even make them cracked and dry.

Once again, don’t forget that your lips have more fragile skin than other parts of your face. However, it is always recommended that no matter how thin your skin is, make sure you always use it on all parts of your body and face alike. You can opt for SPF 30 or even higher during the winter and summer months. Other natural ingredients like zinc oxide or titanium oxide also work well as SPF.

White Petroleum Jelly

You can use petroleum jelly when you have severely painful and cracked lips. petroleum jelly can help seal in the moisture for a longer time compared to oils.

Choose Better Options Over Lotions on Your Lips

At the end of the day, lotion might not be the best product to use on your lips. it is because of the number of preservatives and fragrances often found in lotions. It would be so much better for you to use other lip products like lip balm that are more suitable for cracked and dry lips.