Unique Rainbow Nails Ideas With Flawless Designs

Rainbow spreads happiness and lots of positive vibes. A rainbow after a heavy rain indicates a peace in the weather. May be it is based on the same concept that when we see a rainbow or a rainbow design anywhere, it happens to sooth the eyes. Based on such a concept, having a rainbow design nail art is also a great idea. Here are some of such rainbow designs arts that you can try for your stylish look.

Is Biting Your Nails Bad?

Nail biting is probably one of the common habits of many people. In fact, some of you might do it while reading emails or when watching your favorite TV show. If you think it’s not dangerous, you might want to start avoiding it for some reasons. First and foremost, nails harbor all kinds of germs. Enteroobacteriaceae is a family of bacteria that includes E. coli and salmonella and it tends to thrive in cozy crevice beneath your fingernail tips. Once you bite your nails, such bacteria will end up in your gut and mouth, where they could cause a gastro-intestinal infection, which results to abd

Korean Nail Art That You Can Try Out

If you are a fashion freak, you will always wish to be updated with the latest fashion trends. In the case of nails, there are so many different designs and patterns that are flooding the market currently. But if you wish to have something different and unique, you can try out some options such as the Korean Nail Art. Wish to know what is different and unique about these nail designs? Here is a look at some of the amazing Korean nail designs that you can try out.

How Long Do Gel Manicures Last?

Do Gel Manicures Last

In case you don’t know it yet, the length of time that gel manicures last is one of the biggest reasons why they are very popular in the first place. A gel’s efficacy depends on the durability of the product, how well it goes on, and how easily this can be removed. Many salons will tell you that you will not get any chips for one week. However, when applied properly, you can be chip-free for as long as three weeks.

Perfect Nail Look For The Spring

Springs are just about to arrive and you will have a lot of options to get dressed and try different looks. When you are trying out the looks with your dress and hair, you can also experiment a bit with your nails too. Today, you can have a different design for almost every season whether it is an event, a festival or a season; you can try out the various nail designs that can help you get the perfect look for the time. Here are some of the amazing nail designs that you can try out to make your springs even more special.

Long Nail Designs To Inspire You

Long nails are always attractive, whether it is in the shape of an almond or a stiletto. They might be a bit of difficult to handle but if you can take care of them a bit, they can last long and can make you flaunt your nails to others. There are so many different styles and designs that you can try out to beautify your nails. Here are some of the nail designs that you can have for the long nails that you can surely try out and stun out in parties or even in regular days.