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How Can the Holographic Nail Colors Change Your Life?

People who are quite active in the fashion world are pretty aware of the holographic nail designs. These rainbow effect designs are great for parties and can surely attract attention if you are putting them in the right way. Today, the market is flooding with such holographic nail colors and hence you can have a range of options at hand correctly. You just need to make sure that you are selecting the right product and you will be able to have the right look surely.


Photo Credit: OPI

Whenever you get a design such as the holographic one, you need to be sure that you are getting perfect in it. If the designs are not applied o the nails perfectly, it does not come up properly and hence embarrasses you. OPI is one such brand that comes up with such products that are perfect and can offer you the results of a perfectionist. All the products and holographic nail paint that you buy from the brand are highly professional and hence you can have a great effect after you have applied it. It is of course, necessary to know the right way of application but it is also true that the product also matters.

Color Club

color club Holographic Nail
Photo Credit: Color Club

Different brand do have different specialization in their product. The specialty in the product from the brand Color Club is that it reflects in light. This means when there is no light, it may give up a metallic look but as you take the nails to light, you can notice the shine on the nails due to the reflection of the light. This feature makes the product and the brand quite interesting and also popular among many of the people. It can be said to the perfect piece to create illusions.


essie Holographic Nail
Photo Credit: Essie

It is said that if you are in love with fashion, you must have surely heard about Essie. The brand comes up with a huge range of products from which you can get the right holographic option for you. Though the brand offers products that are of amazing quality and color, one of the most important advantages is that it is extremely long-lasting in nature. You cannot expect it to come out in just a few days. It can stay on your nails for long and hence it can offer you a long-lasting effect.

Born Pretty

born pretty Holographic Nail
Photo Credit: Born Pretty

As the name says, the brand is actually born pretty. It comes up in some really lovely colors and makes sure that it looks pretty in the same way on the nails of the person who has applied it also. It has come up in a number of amazing colors such as pink, red, green, and many others. You can try out the one that actually suits you in the best possible way.


kbshimmer Holographic Nail
Photo Credit: Kbshimmer.com

If you are a fan of holographic nails, you are surely going to the fan of KBShimmer too. They offer products in different ranges and in different colors. You just have to select the right one and you will be able to have great fun applying them on your nails.